the meaning of his tattoo with Nicola Peltz

The former Disney girl, Selena Gómez, surprised us all by being very close to Brooklyn Beckham’s wife, the singer’s relationship with Nicola Peltz is so great that they even have a friendship tattoo, here we tell you what the meaning is .

Selena Gomeznext to the couple made up of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola PeltzThey decided to spend the night together New Year’s Eve in Los Cabosone of the paradisiacal beaches that has Mexicowhere through photographs and stories in his account of instagram They let us see the beautiful friendship they have formed.

It seems that the actress and Selena Gomez they have made a link so close that it was not enough to wear some outfits completely the same in a dress ‘Valentine’ of silver sequins and matching shoes to say goodbye to the year, but they even made a tfriendship attirein which you can read the word ‘angel‘.

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Everything indicates that the lonely days of Selena Gomez they have remained in the past, because the same one, which just a little while ago commented in his documentary ‘my mind & me‘ that his only friend of the industry was the singer Tylor Swift, has found a new refuge in the friendship of Nicola Peltz.

It is the reason why it is said that the interpreter of ‘calm down‘I would start calling the actress’angel‘, as shown in the description that Selena Gomez has left in one of her posts: “Thank you @maisonvalentino for me and my angel dresses! I felt like a fairy!”

I love you my angel forever!”, Peltz gave as an answer, and so in various photographs that they have published in the festivities together, such as the day of ‘Thanksgiving‘ and the famous sleepover at the house of the newlyweds while Selena Gomez promoted the release of her documentary. this being the meaning from his tattoo together.

Selena Gomez: the meaning of her tattoo with Nicola Peltz (Instagram)

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Selena Gomez’s other tattoos and their meaning

Selena Gomez, although it may not seem like it, is a lover of tattoos, as the tattoo artist revealed to a famous magazine Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdywho was behind some of the singer’s tattoos, said he is between eight and 10 different tattoos “hidden all over his body.”

One of the first that the singer became was the musical note that he has on his wrist, which means according to the same Selena Gomezthe influence that the music in his life, another tattoo he has is the word ‘sunshine’ on his right foot, it is a tribute to his grandmother “nana is my sunshine”, like the one she made herself with the phrase ‘Love yourself‘ engraved in Arabic on the back.

On his neck he has had 3 tattoos, one with the word ‘rare‘ in honor of her makeup line and a fresh start, in roman numeral 76 in tribute to an important member of your family and the letter G.which, although many thought that it was about the letter ‘J’ by Justin Bieber, this is made in representation of the love he has for his sister, Gracie.

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