The measures that the government will adopt with the Ukrainians stranded in the country

The Dominican Government announced a series of measures that guarantee lodging, food, local and international transportation, and telecommunications to Ukrainians who are stranded in the country as a result of the armed conflict that their nation is experiencing.

During a meeting held this Friday, the Tourism Cabinet established concrete, short-term actions to manage the situation of residents of Ukraine who were doing tourism in the Dominican Republic, at the time of the start of the armed conflict in that country.

In that sense, a statement from the Ministry of Tourism indicates that available rooms were located in Puerto Plata, where hotels will be applying a solidarity rate for 15 days to residents of Ukraine, who are visiting the Dominican Republic in the period between the 1st of January to March 2022.

This rate, he points out, would cover food and lodging expenses and will be covered by the Dominican Government, through the Ministry of Tourism.

For those who are in hotels during the 48-hour period that began on February 28, a cost that has been assumed by the hoteliers who have offered to collaborate, the Tourism Office decided that ASONAHORES will be next to said hotels. coordinating the transfer processes, from its current location to the hotels identified in the Puerto Plata area, including transportation costs.

These transfers will take place from March 4 to 6, and during this period, which began on March 3, the hotels where they are staying will apply a solidarity rate which will be paid for by the Dominican Government, through the Ministry of Tourism.

After 15 days, visitors who have not been able to leave the Dominican Republic will be transferred to the Olympic Village and other shelters, where they will have lodging and food through the cheap dining rooms.

As part of the measures, it was also agreed that for Ukrainians who have loved ones or other means of accommodation available abroad, the airline TUI undertook to coordinate and cover the costs of humanitarian flights to make transfers to countries closer to Ukraine. , as well as the hotel-airport transfer. This tourist airline is also in a position to partially or totally pay for your temporary stay in the country.

Three routes are currently being identified to be included in this initiative. In addition, talks are underway with other airlines and tour operators to expand departure options.

Likewise, the airport authorities are providing facilities to the airlines with the aim of speeding up such transfers.

For these residents of Ukraine, who are in the country within the same period of time mentioned above, the General Directorate of Migration will proceed to extend the validity of the tourist card for 30 days, at no cost to the visitor.

For those visitors who are in the Dominican Republic and who are staying in other accommodations, different from a hotel and who have entered the country as of January 1, 2022, they must approach the Tourist Destination Management Offices of the Ministry of Tourism, where their status in the Dominican Republic will be validated with a previous list and if they meet the requirements, they will be transferred to the accommodation designated by the Government for these purposes.

After announcing the measures, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, affirmed that the Dominican State maintains a firm position of solidarity with the residents of Ukraine who are within the Dominican Republic.

“Most of these visitors trusted the tourist attraction and security offered by the Dominican Republic to vacation with their families, and now they should feel equally confident that the country is implementing short- and medium-term solutions for their situation,” he said. Hill.

Currently 1,342 Ukrainians are staying in hotels, and 402 elsewhere.

The statement highlights that those Ukrainian nationals who are residing in the Dominican Republic, with a regularized status or not, do not apply for these solutions, and must follow the procedures established in Dominican law.

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