The merengue player Musiquito dies, who sang “do you love her a lot? Eat her ripiá”

Musiquito, one of the best-known singers of the merengue line that combines playfulness and mischief, generated in the golden age of the 80s, He passed away early this Wednesday. He was 70 years old.

Francisco García, his real name, was a native of Moca, Espaillat province, and was popular with the merengues “Eat it ripiᔓEl gago”, “The shoeshiner”, “I place it”, “Chocolate”, “Lord is going to clean”, “El Añoñaíto”, “Tulip”, among others.

According to relatives, the cause of his death was a sudden heart attack while he was sleeping in the house where he lived, in the Las Flores sector of the municipality of Moca.

His body will be exposed as of 11:00 this Tuesday morning at the Moca municipal funeral home, although the day and time of his burial were not specified.

In 2017 Musiquito celebrated his fifty years in music, with a presentation in Moca, where he began his artistic life.

Musiquito debuted in the musical band of Moca in the middle of the 20th century. Later he joined the Luis Ovalles Youth Orchestra, after leaving the National Police.

The nickname Musiquito came out because when he played in the Municipal Band, at the age of nine, a person from the public in the park, when he saw the adult musicians arrive accompanied by a child, said: – Here come the musicians with a little musician. And until the time of his death he was known as such.

Music was always his north, since his childhood. When she was seven years old, she was already dancing in Parque Ramón Cáceres de Moca, until the director of the municipal band complained to her mother, to whom she told that she could not continue dancing while they were playing because she was taking away the attention

So they arranged for me to enroll in the music academy and after two months I already knew the solfeggio method.

With the apprenticeship received and already as a teenager, he belonged to the Juveniles de Moca group (he played timbal and tambora), directed by the Mocano teacher Luis Ovalles, with whom he made the version “Los papeles del divorce”, by don José (el Negrito de Caró), and receives the acceptance of the public. Then came the most popular topics of his. With his own group he wrote and set “El Gago” to music.

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