The Messi effect is already being felt, the fans ‘on the job’

Lionel Messi is now a Paris Saint-Germain player. His first season away from his Barcelona bases was a failure even though he added a national championship title to his list. Little in sight, lack of landmarks and body language that speaks volumes, the Argentinian had all the trouble in the world to do “Messi”. He promised to do much better next season and if he was somehow forgiven a year of adaptation, he will have no more excuses in the 2022-2023 financial year. What may surprise is that at the end of the season, he joined, like many international players, the Argentine selection with which he showed a big smile and a much better level of play than with PSG..

Quintuple against Estonia, a first for 80 years for an Albiceleste player, man of the match in the Finalissima (match between the winner of the Euro, Italy, and the winner of the Copa America, Argentina ), we saw a completely different Messi. No doubt he is inhabited by a mission before the end of his career: to win the World Cupthe only major title he lacks in his huge trophy cabinet.

Everyone wants to see Messi

Moreover, the Messi effect is already being felt 5 months before the World Cup in Qatar. In effect, everyone wants to see him play because the fans know that it will probably be the last world cup or at least the last where we will see him in form. Messi turns 35 on June 24 and when it comes to ticket sales, Argentina are the star selection fans want to see play.

Thereby, the 5 matches of the 2022 World Cup which received the most requests for tickets mainly concern Argentina. Look :

Internet users react

On social networks, theInternet users have commented en masse on this information. We have thus been able to read on the web:

  • “Messi with Argentina, he’s not the same player, he’s on a mission…”
  • ”Frankly the level of play of Argentina is spectacular I put a coin on Argentina to win the title. Until last week I would have said France but the last performances are catastrophic…”
  • ”This gentleman is not a footballer, he is the Soccer in person. A talent…”
  • ”That’s why Messi is the best player in the world. The Messi effect!
  • ”The GOAT! stats, titles, renewal with Argentina, add him the world is the game is over !!!”

With 10 Spanish championships won, 4 Champions Leagues, a multitude of other national cups with FC Barcelona but also the Copa America with Argentina, if Messi wins the World Cup, there won’t be too many doubt to say who is the greatest player of all time.


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