The Minions triumph in the cinematographic billboard

The premiere of “Minions 2: A Villain Is Born”. The adventures of these friendly “helpers” of the world’s most famous villain are back.

In this new installment of the franchise we will see a young Gru, only 12 years old, whose only desire in life is to become the greatest villain in the world. The film is directed by Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson, Jonathan del Val.

For his part, the Hugo del Carril Film Club proposes two premieres: “Carrero” and “Shirley”.

Watch the trailer for “Minions 2”:

Minions: A Villain Is Born – Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD


Ale (17) decides to help a neighborhood carter by accompanying him to collect the city’s waste. The new bonds take Ale away from her house, until she decides to go live on a piece of land. Direction: Fiona Lena Brown, Germán Basso. With Rodrigo Varela, Carlos Gaston Castillo. See schedules here.

CARRERO by Fiona Lena Brown and Germán Basso Trailer


Elisabeth Moss gets into the skin of the writer Shirley Jackson -author, among others, of The Haunting of Hill House- in this unusual (anti)biopic directed by Josephine Decker, who stood out three years ago with the stimulating Madeline’s Madeline. Produced by Martin Scorsese, the film delves into the mind of an agoraphobic Shirley Jackson in the midst of a creative crisis, in a society dominated by patriarchy.

Direction: Josephine Decker. With Elisabeth Moss, Odessa Young. See schedules here.

Shirly | Josephine Decker | Trailers | Day 2021

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