The most incredible moment in Mark Wahlberg’s life


Mark Wahlberg, a Hollywood star, had a decidedly very eventful life: in an interview he recounted a particular event that excited him a lot.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg (Getty Images)

This evening, Friday 7 May, broadcast on Italia 1, will be broadcast Transformers – The Last Knight. The film is the latest in the successful Transformers saga even if, unlike the others, it did not do well at the box office and was heavily criticized by fans of the series. Within the cast there is, among others, the well-known actor Mark Wahlberg, protagonist of both the fourth and fifth installments of the series.

The actor, who began his career as a rapper, he had a life particularly difficult, full of dark moments. Fortunately, thanks to his great willpower, he managed to improve and have a lot of success in the entertainment world. This was made possible thanks to particular moments in his life that they made him understand his mistakes. So let’s find out what one of these moments was so significant and important.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Exciting Encounter

Mark Wahlberg film
Strong emotions for Mark Wahlberg (Getty Images)

Today he is certainly a successful and well-known actor, but unfortunately, for Mark Wahlberg, things didn’t always go in the best way. As a boy, in fact, especially during the period of adolescence, he had a lot of problems related to drugs and the police. The actor, unfortunately, he was also incarcerated at the age of 17 after an assault following a theft of beers. From that moment on, however, he understood that he had to turn his life around.


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In this process of change, in addition to family and friends, religion represented a real lifeline.I pray for my mother, my wife, my children, my brothers and their families“, Said the actor in an interview with Rolling Stone. Mark also had the opportunity to meet and speak with the Pope, a unique event for a believer like him. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life. I realized that he didn’t know who I was, because he doesn’t watch television“. We are sure he will never forget that day.



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