The municipal museums program activities on health and well-being. News. Zaragoza City Hall

The municipal museums present a new program of activities focused on health called the ‘Museum of well-being’, which will run throughout the year. Following the trend of different European initiatives, given that in Belgium there have even been guided visits to museums by medical prescription, the activities of A Sunday at the Museum will be linked to this theme, so they will take place on the first Sunday of the month and are free.

they start next February 5th with ‘Meditating Pablo Gargallo’, taught by Meditative Laboratory. This is a two-hour activity in which, through a guided meditation contemplating a work of art, the participant can focus their attention in order to see beyond the obvious and appreciate the essence. of things. Pre-registration is required starting tomorrow, February 1st.

On Sunday March 5th will be able to participate in a new session of ‘Yoga in the Museum’. An opportunity to experience the practice of yoga for all people without exception, in an art environment such as the Pablo Gargallo Museum, and where you can also learn accessible tools applicable to your day to day. The session will be taught by Eva Om Gómez, with 20 years of experience in the practice of yoga and training in different yogic lineages. It is necessary to register in advance and bring a mat, cushion, something warm and comfortable clothes.

In April, the conference will take place ‘The art of medicine in Antiquity. The hippocratic humours, taught by the naturopath José María Sanchéz Navarro. In it, the secrets of the art of medicine in Greece and Rome will be discussed, as well as the theory of the Hippocratic humors focused on our health and well-being today. It will take place on Sunday april 2 at the Caesaraugusta Theater Museum and will be free admission until full capacity is reached.

In May there will be new activities

Likewise, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has established ‘Museums, sustainability and well-being’ as the theme for the next International Museum Day (May 18), and for this reason the rest of the activities that will make up the “Museum of Well-being” will be presented. ” throughout the year, as well as visits, workshops, conferences and other events that will form part of the new program, which will position municipal museums as health assets. In addition, it should be noted that it is based on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically number 3: Global health and well-being.

More information and registration:

  • Meditating on Pablo Gargallo,
  • A Sunday at the Museum. Yoga in the Museum,

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