The next Among Us bombshell? With over half a million concurrent players on Steam, this game could become the new sensation among streamers – PC

you probably remember among us as a phenomenon that was on the lips of many streamers for a good part of the summer of 2020, which led to an incredible increase in its number of players until reaching 1.5 million simultaneous users. The title of innersloth became a huge phenomenon in the world of video games, but it is possible that another title is about to experience the same situation: Goose Goose Duck.

Although not yet on the radar of the most famous streamers of the moment, it turns out that Goose Goose Duck has already proven to be a similar phenomenon to Among Us establishing itself among the top 10 most played games on Steam in 2022. Now, with the data provided by SteamDBwe can confirm that your number of concurrent players on the Valve platform exceeds 560,000demonstrating similar performance to what we saw with the Innersloth title.

Why this unexpected popularity? Analyst Daniel Ahmad explains on his Twitter account that, after closely following the performance of Goose Goose Duck since the end of November, they can point out China and Korea as key markets. “According to our China Game Streaming Tracker, it was 8th most watched PC game live through streaming platforms in the last two weeks.” In this way, we can verify that Goose Goose Duck aims to repeat the success of Among Us at the time, since this title was launched in October 2021 and it’s starting to dawn now.

And what happened to Among Us?

Although its authors assured that the period of maximum popularity of Among Us caused them stress to satisfy the requests of the players, no one doubts that this phenomenon has also helped them to continue both with the delivery and with other projects. In this sense, crew members and impostors continue to receive free updates that expand the base experience with game modes and other innovations, although their sudden success has helped them to develop a VR version that increases the tension of the games a lot.

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