The original version cinema is dying in A Coruña after the closure of the Yelmo de Los Rosales

The closing of the Yelmo cinema in the Los Rosales Shopping Center in A Coruña It has caused great regret among movie lovers, but especially among those who prefer to see movies in their original version. Its rooms were one of the few options in the city to enjoy subtitled cinema, in front of an abundant supply of dubbed movies.

The cinemas will close this Thursday and in their last programmed films we can find two subtitled tapes, Babylonthe latest film from the director of the acclaimed La La Land, and Holy Spider, a film that can also only be seen in Los Rosales. The offer is not as wide as on other occasions, but those attending these rooms have been able to enjoy a good supply of subtitled films in recent years.

If we take a look at the billboards of the other three cinemas open in the city, the possibilities to see a subtitled movie are very limited. The Helmet of Espacio Coruña and the Cantons cinemas offer Babylon in the original version with subtitles, while the Chinese of Marineda City only offers a documentary of billie eilish in a single pass this Friday. When older, the Los Cantones cinema projects aftersun subtitled, but the film has not been dubbed in Spain and in A Coruña it has taken several weeks to reach theaters despite being one of the most acclaimed films of the year.

Santiago, Vigo, Ferrol or Lugo ahead

The offer in A Coruña is not good in itself, but it comes out even worse if we compare it with other cities in Galicia. we start by Santiago de Compostela, which has the Numax cinema, an interesting film and bookstore project that offers all its programming subtitled. Despite having only one room, its programming is very varied and right now it is showing the aforementioned Holy Spider and Aftersunin addition to Emily either Decision to Leave, two films that can be seen in A Coruña, but without any option other than dubbing. In the coming weeks they have already announced tapes like Tár or Banshee of Inisherinwho will compete for the Oscar.

Exterior of Numax, in Rúa de Concepción Arenal.

Another great option in the Galician capital are the Compostela multiplexes, which offer almost all of their programming with subtitles, except for the films for children. A greater than those that can be seen in Numax we have Living roomremake of Kurosawa’s classic or the revival of the mythical musical Singing under the rain. A programming that has similarities with the Multicines North of Vigowhere we also find the most acclaimed premieres by critics and the public in their original version with subtitles.

Ramiro Ledo in the Duplex room.

A Coruña loses out with Santiago and Vigo, but it also does so when compared to cities with less offer such as Ferrol and Lugo. The city of Ferrol was left without cinemas, but the promoters of Numax relaunched the Duplex cinema with a project similar to that of his room in Santiago. Here they have two rooms and the same quality programming in the original version with subtitles. For its part, Lugo has the cinemas Codexwhich offers the aforementioned premieres giving the option to see them subtitled or dubbed into Spanish.

The Metropolitan Forum and the Film Library, the best options

Although the offer of premieres in the original version is almost non-existent, the city does have a good couple of options to enjoy quality cinema in your language of origin. One is the cinema Metropolitan Forum, which usually broadcasts interesting films and schedules different cycles. This week you can see the Spanish suro and the French full time, the latter broadcast in French with subtitles. On the other hand, there is the Filmoteca, which was stopped for a year due to its reform. Right now they are programming a cycle with the films of the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami and the actress from A Coruña Maria Casares.

Jaime Pena, programmer of the new Filmoteca de Galicia.

Despite the great work of both entities, the films shown are usually movie classics or recent films, but not premieres. Right now, there is no possibility of watching all the Oscar nominees for best picture or foreign language film announced yesterday with subtitles, something that happens in Santiago, Vigo, Lugo or Ferrol. Meanwhile, film lovers in A Coruña are waiting for a project to appear that is up to the task of the great cultural offer in the city.

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