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This seems to indicate that Shakira She was not the only one who got up in a ‘good mood’ on January 11, the day that Gerard Pique was completely ‘buried’. Miley Cyrus also chose this Wednesday to announce the date that will launch his new single under the name “Flowers”. What is the most striking? It is a breakup song that curiously will see the light of day on the birthday of his ex-partner, Liam Hemsworth.

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Through her official Instagram account, the pop star did not want to play mystery anymore and revealed the date in which his new son – to call it that – will see the light and will be available on all platforms.

When it will be? In Mexico, the song will be released on January 12 at 6:00 p.m., as can be seen in the caption of the photo. The strange thing about it all is date chosen for Sydney and other parts of the world.

What date will it be? the January 13th, yes, just as you are reading it. As is known, his ex-boyfriend, the renowned actor Liam Hemsworth, is Australian and just this Friday he will “extinguish” candles.

It didn’t take long for the fans to realize it and they assured that he waited for the ideal moment to announce his new single, which is a love breakup song, to “revenge” his ex-partner.

Advance of “Flowers”

after all the hype For her new single, Miley Cyrus shared a part of the lyrics of “Flowers”. Although she is not as direct as Shakira to Piqué, she also hints that she was very hurt by the breakup.

“I can buy myself flowers, I can hold my own hand, I can take myself dancing, I can love myself better than you do.” That hurt us and it’s not for us!” is heard in a snippet of the song. Set the alarms!

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