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The youngest daughter of dukes of cambridgethe princess charlotteat the young age of 6, draws a lot of attention for what some consider his great resemblance to his grandmother’s attitude, Diana of Wales.

Lady Di was always characterized as a “rebel” within the British crown, during the years she belonged to the Royal family as the first wife of Prince carlos. She didn’t seem to mind being a spontaneous woman.

And apparently her granddaughter Charlotte is the most faithful heir to that virtue of Diana. However, physically, the little princess bears a much greater resemblance to her paternal great-grandmother, the Queen isabel II.

The photos that attest to the resemblance between Charlotte and Elizabeth II

Everyone was surprised when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released their Christmas postcard photo on their official Twitter account. Instagramlast December 2021

From that moment, the resemblance of little Charlotte’s features to Queen Elizabeth when she was also a child was striking.

According to the Business portal, a few days ago, during the ceremony to commemorate the life of Philip of EdinburghCharlotte appeared hand in hand with her mother, wearing a classic-looking dark blue overcoat.

In the image, the girl did not go unnoticed and her similarities with her great-grandmother’s face became more than notorious.

The medium El Heraldo made a compilation of some comparative photographs that strengthen the position that Charlotte looks more like Elizabeth II than Diana of Wales herself, her deceased paternal grandmother.

In one of the images, the queen’s childhood is shown in comparison to what little Charlotte looks like in her full childhood.

However, the audacity that exposes the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William in public, continues to make everyone remember the attitude of the beloved Lady Diana.

The photos of Queen Elizabeth in her childhood leave a clear reflection of the features that the daughter of Kate and William inherited from the British monarch. (AND)

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