The reactions of the opposition parties to the measures announced by Abinader

On Monday night, President Luis Abinader announced a series of special measures to face increases in the prices of fuels and products of the basic basket due to the economic crisis caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

In his speech, the president established that he will maintain fuel prices for at least four months, as long as a barrel of oil from the West Texas Index (WTI) is between 85 and 115 dollars; in addition to announcing that he will “urgently” propose to the National Congress a bill to remove tariffs on the “main products” of the basic basket that are imported on the Dominican-Haitian border.


One of those who spoke was the vice president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Juan Ariel Jiménez, who stated that in his opinion it is “right” since the economic crisis is the “main headache of Dominicans“.

“There are measures that I consider positive, such as the temporary subsidy for cereal imports, since it is a basic input for various foods. There are measures that I think will not have an effect, such as an inter-institutional table, an initiative to reduce procedures or apply fair prices,” added the former Minister of Economy.

When talking to LISTÍN DIARIO, the member of the political committee of the former ruling party expressed that the measure of bringing food products without tariff can “seriously” affect local producers.

“This measure worries me a lot…they are cheaper imports in many cases because the governments of their countries subsidize production, so by entering at a lower price, they displace local producers,” exclaimed Jiménez.


On his side, the president of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC), Federico Antún Batlle (Quique), considered them as “well-meaning efforts“.

“In addition, greater support for national production and food self-sufficiency should have been announced, state propaganda and publicity should guide citizens to savings and austerity, with the facilities for imports, care must be taken,” added Antún, who added that he has been warning since several weeks ago that further action should be taken.

People’s Force

Through a press conference, the People’s Force announced that It will be during the afternoon of this Tuesday when he will establish his position in relation to the speech of the President of the Republic.

That position will be established during a press conference at the party’s national house at 4:00 in the afternoon and it will be in charge of its political leadership.

However, the leader of that party, Javier Ubiera, announced that With the removal of tariffs, national producers may be affected since if in the course of months the national market receives significant quantities of products with import facilities by measures that may be advantageous in relation to local production.

“These announced measures have economic implications that the government has not explained how it is going to support, and even more so if it intends to carry out the projects and plans announced by the government that have a cost of billions, and must equally improve a lot. government spending,” argued Ubiera to Listín Diario.

Regarding fuel, the member of the People’s Force said that the president Instead of announcing a measure to prevent the price rise, it announces the cost increase to the country in advance.

“That shows the continuous populism that he and his government practice, because while he told the country that he will subsidize and keep the internal prices of hydrocarbons unchanged while the price of the West Texas Index (WTI) is above US$85 per barrel and below US$115 dollars, the cost of it was US$120 dollars,” added Ubiera.

It is recalled that Luis Abinader has since the outbreak of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine announcing special measures to mitigate global inflation caused by that war.

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