The request that Dani Alves made in prison for “security issues”

Dani Alves was transferred from Brians 1 to Brians 2 (AFP)
Dani Alves was transferred from Brians 1 to Brians 2 (AFP)

The former Barcelona player Daniel Alves has been transferred to the admission module of the prison Brian’s 2 which has spaces less crowded and safer. In the next few hours, prison staff will assign you a cell.

According to prison sources, the Brazilian soccer player remained in the Brians 1 jail admissions unit from Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona) since last Friday, when a Barcelona judge ordered his admission to prison without bail, accused of raping a young woman in a bathroom at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on the night of December 30.

The Secretary of Criminal Measures of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat has decided today to transfer it to Brians 2, whereand both sentenced and preventive prisoners live togetherbecause this facility has smaller residential modules that better guarantee their safety and coexistence with the rest of the inmates.

At the same time, the Chain cope of Spain explained that This request was made for “security issues” and added that another of the reasons why his transfer was made is due to the fact that in Brians 1 “Some prisoner had managed to take photos of media prisoners who later saw the light”. In fact, the Brians 2 modules house some 80 inmates, on average, while those of Brians 1 usually house some 200 inmates.

Dani Alves was transferred from Brians 1 to Brians 2 (AFP)
Dani Alves was transferred from Brians 1 to Brians 2 (AFP)

Once transferred, the footballer has been placed back in the income modulewhere he will be visited by professionals from the center who must decide which cell they assign him, a matter for which the type of crime committed is not taken into account.

Alves has been subjected throughout the weekend to the usual procedures for an entry into prison, He was frisked and his belongings searched once their identity has been verified by prison workers.

Subsequently, he was visited by health professionals and was interviewed by members of the treatment team who will have to decide in which group of inmates the inmate is included.

In the meantime soccer player defense works on strategy procedural to try to get him out on provisional release, so he is considering filing an appeal against his admission to prison, if necessary offering to testify again before the judge.

Dani Alves' group of lawyers is studying a strategy for him to be provisionally released during the case (AP)
Dani Alves’ group of lawyers is studying a strategy for him to be provisionally released during the case (AP)

These efforts, however, They are waiting for Alves to decide if he changes lawyeras suggested by his environment after the lawyer who represented him, Miraida Puente, was unable last Friday to prevent the judge from ordering prison without bail for the athlete, they have informed the agency EFE legal sources.

The victim’s lawyer is also preparing her strategy, who in her statement last Friday before the judge expressly waived the compensation that may correspond in case Alves is convicted of the rape.

In the car in which he agreed to imprison the soccer player, the judge took into account the contradictions incurred by the investigated Faced with the forceful version of the victim, who corroborated the complaint that he had filed with the Mossos down to the last detail.

In fact, the victim described before the judge one of the tattoos that the soccer player wears on his abdomenaccording to the same sources.

According to your complaintthe soccer player invited her and some friends to have a drinkasked him to accompany her to the bathroom of the private room in which they were – which she did not know was such – and once there he sexually assaulted her, using force to do so, as proven by the medical reports provided by the victim.

(With information from EFE)

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