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If you are looking for a fast shoe keep reading. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a shoe with the latest technology in carbon plates, you better go back to Google since this is not your review.

Here we are going to talk about a flying shoe of those of a lifetime, lightness and reactivity to fly on the asphalt without the need for any rigid plate.

we bring you the Brooks Hyperion Max running shoe technical analysis.

Slipper included in the Brooks SPEED range (as its name already indicates, designed to compete or train hard) well accompanied by its “older” sister Hyperion Elite (pure and hard competition with carbon plate) and its “little” sister Hyperion Tempo (mixed training)

This Hyperion Max goes from training hard, to training fast, to crushing and being ready the next day… to training again.

And also with very little weight: only 221gr weighs the male finish and 190gr in the female finish.

Who is this shoe for?

Runners and runners looking for a high performance neutral shoe for your fastest workouts. Ideal for those looking for lightness and responsiveness, reducing impact.

Do you have to do series on asphalt? A very hot fartlek? a shoot in time? a race? Brooks Hyperion Max will work for you.

Also like all mixed shoes, It is totally valid for the competition.

To get the most out of training with this shoe, it is interesting to have good technique and be a runner who does not exceed average weight. Obviously that does not rule out that it also serves slower runners (or with less polished technique) who want to compete or use them on series days.

Midsole with DNA Flash

The midsole of the Books Hyperion Max is made of traditional EVA (Ethylene, Vinyl and Acetate) rubber, to which is injected, in the right proportion, nitrogen. The final result It is a light compound, with a lot of response and cushioning.

There are only three other models at Brooks that use DNA Flash: the asphalt competition Brooks Hyperion Elitethe competition model for trail Brooks Catamount 2 and Brooks Hyperion Tempo.

The idea of ​​this Hyperion Max midsole is that it allows you to perform fast or very fast workouts… whatever your legs give you… but at the same time that you also take care of your muscles so that it is ready for the next training session or for the competition of the weekend.

competitive sole

The Brooks Hyperion Max sole has a design very similar to medium and long distance competition shoes, where there are no particularly jagged or incisive studs and, instead, a lot of contact surface with the ground.

First of all, on the sole you can see three blocks of Green Rubber: the largest in the front in the shape of a U (with holes to lighten the weight) and two smaller ones in the rear. This solid rubber is designed on two levels, sticking out the layer of the “studs” with barely a millimeter height.

In the middle of the two blocks (longitudinally and transversally) there is practically nothing. Literally. The DNA Flash material of the midsole is clearly appreciated here, which has some resistance to wear, although considering wet terrain, a grooved design (like the one on the Hyperion Tempo) would have been useful to help traction.

The grace of the sole is in saving the rubber of the solesince it is the heaviest thing in a running shoe and this Hyperion Max, yes or yes, they have wanted to make it very light.

Inside the rubber blocks, some drop-shaped holes -which allow you to see the midsole- will help make this Hyperion Max more flexible when transitioning between steps.


As a good flying shoe that it is, the single-layer mesh (enginereed woven) is quite thin, adaptable and ventilated with numerous holes -perforated by laser- in the form of small and abundant rectangles in the toe box of the shoe. These continue through the side until they get lost in the area of ​​the Brooks logo heat sealing, thus giving way to the work of holding the foot.

Heat-sealed inserts on the sides (and on the heel) will help the foot remain well supported and in the correct position. In the toe box, an internal support that surrounds the foot also provides structure and protection in that area.

Flat and wide laces passed (matching the color of the mesh) through a very thin tongue but with a somewhat padded area in the upper-central part (just in the area of ​​greatest pressure) and wide enough to provide comfort. Only attached to the shoe by its lower part.

The heel collar is lightly padded and has enough internal buttress to help stabilize the ankle every time you hit the ground while running.

The interior insole is thin, 3mm thick, but yes, they are 3mm of foam that will be appreciated. Like the 2mm footbed, also cushioned material that acts as a border between our foot and the material of the midsole.

Summary, test and sensations

Brooks Hyperion Max, as a good mixed shoe, belongs to the group of shoes that They are looking for feet that want to go further, faster.

Hyperion Max is about targeting those quality workouts (read series, fartleks, and any type of training that focuses on improving speed). And of course take it with you on race weekends, if that’s the case or if you don’t have racing shoes.

Brooks has granted that weight is one of his strengths -despite the height of the midsole- thanks to the 221gr in the masculine finish and 190gr in the feminine. For this, it has a midsole built with DNA Flash, a soft material, thanks to injected nitrogen, for a comfortable sensation, but which is very light and also very reactive. In addition, the thickness of the midsole is 26mm on the heel and 18mm in the forefoot, which gives an 8mm drop.

If you are from my sect and to train you prefer to leave the shoe with a carbon plate parked (since you prefer to use it only surgically) and you are looking for a shoe flying-reactive-light but at the same time its technology allows you to take better care of your legs, the Brooks Hyperion Max is a very good option.

Brooks thus joins (hurrah!) the brands that are releasing similar versions of their TOP shoes with a carbon plate (in this case the Brooks Hyperion Elite) inheriting its technology and geometry but banishing the carbon plate, creating a hybrid concept sneaker that can gain many followers in a short time… why? Studies are beginning to be published indicating that the inappropriate use of shoes with a carbon plate can cause injuries.

when you try this shoe The aggressive geometry of the heel is particularly striking -in a beveled shape- that propels you forward thus helping you to make transitions faster. It is a curvature that you may notice while walking (or running at slow paces) a somewhat strange sensation, since when you enter more of the heel you will impact the ground on the edge of the bevel, but running fast -that is what this is about shoe- the feeling is going to be good-n-if-ma.

I am happy after the Hyperion Max test and it has become part of my favorite lineup. I already want to continue using it, that will mean that I am training well.

It has earned on its own merits, belonging to the select group of the best Brooks shoes.

Strengths Hyperion Max

  1. The curvature of the heel (beveled) causes faster transitions propelling you forward.

    2. Return of energy thanks to the midsole configured with the DNA FLASH cushioning (the most advanced of Brooks) EVA rubber with infused nitrogen

    3. More profile = more foam in the midsole to help absorb impact (less muscle wear) in the toughest training sessions.

    4. The upper with elastic fabric provides good structure and breathability

In summary, Brooks Hyperion Max is an excellent option as a flying shoe -very light- for those rode days, with a pronounced rocker that provides us with a fluid transition. It’s a delight for experienced runners who want to shelve the stiffness of a carbon plate.

The price of the Hyperion Max is €170

Data sheet Hyperion Max

  • Weight Man: 221 gr
  • Weight Woman: 190 gr
  • Drop: 8mm (26mm – 18mm)
  • Use: Quality training and competition
  • Pace: Below 4:20
  • Midsole: DNA Flash

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