The sadness faced by Millie Bobby Brown


The protagonist of Stranger Things shared some painful family news. This was what the figure of Netflix shared with his followers on social networks.

Millie Bobby Brown shared some painful news with her fans.
© GettyMillie Bobby Brown shared some painful news with her fans.

Although he is only 19 years old, Millie Bobby Brown It has grown under the watchful eye of the entire world. Since his rise to fame with stranger things on netflix, his life has become the interest of fans around the planet. And although on many occasions he surprises them with new projects or novelties, on many other occasions he has to communicate painful news.

He did so a few hours ago on his verified Instagram profile, where he shared with his loyal followers that his grandfather had passed away. With a photo hugging his family member, she wrote: “We will miss you, Grandpa”. Quickly, the young interpreter received virtual support from both her closest loved ones, as well as her admirers who expressed her condolences.

+ The passing of Millie Bobby Brown’s grandmother in 2020

Undoubtedly it is a strong blow for the family of Millie Bobby Brown. The thing is, In November 2020, his grandmother Ruth passed away from Alzheimer’s. Back then, the protagonist of stranger things assured: “There are no words that make sense right now. There is no feeling to pin down. Loss is something so complex. I go through periods where I can’t stop crying and then I laugh at all the memories and then I sit quietly and try to understand what happened”.

Millie Bobby Brown with her grandmother Ruth (Instagram @milliebobbybrown).

Thus, he remarked: “Alzheimer’s is bad. It’s cruel. Taking away someone’s ability to recall memories and then how to function as a human being. It’s so hard to sit there and watch”. And he added: “I will always be your Millie Moos. I hope you take care of me and protect me like you did when I was little. She loved you more than anyone could love. I will tell everyone about you and the lessons you taught me. I will thank you every day for the laughs and memories you gave me throughout my life so far.”.

Millie Bobby Brown with her grandmother Ruth (Instagram @milliebobbybrown).

That event meant a significant loss for Millie, since -in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic- she herself revealed that she could not say goodbye in person and that in her last days she could only communicate through video calls. This is why the death of her grandfather revived her memories once again and she sought support through social networks.

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