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 Charlene of Monaco

Miracle in the Principality? It is rumored that the beautiful princess Charlene of Monaco could return to Palazzo Grimaldi on January 27, day on which it is celebrated Holy Devote, the patroness of the Principality of Monaco to which Wittstock would be particularly attached. Moreover, January 27, 2021 was the last time that the royal family appeared together if we exclude the short passage of the princess between hospitalization in South Africa and that in the Swiss clinic.

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The subjects, he reports Tgcom, they hope that it will be an opportunity to reunite the family again, also because of his children Jacques and Gabriella they miss their mother so much. Will he come home for Santa Devota? The latest rumors confirm.

Charlene has been hospitalized in Zurich since the beginning of November to detoxify from an addiction to psychotropic drugs and to recover from the latest health problems. It seems that the Prince Albert have rented a villa near the clinic to spend a few moments during the holidays near his wife.

Who we entrust the twins to.  Charlene of Monaco, the last scar: do they also take her children away?

But there are also those who argue that the couple is actually very close to divorce and that the children will be entrusted in the meantime to the care of their paternal aunts.

So much so. The mystery about Charlene’s health and her relationship with Alberto continues. All that remains is to hope that Saint Devote will perform the miracle.

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