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Quote of the day

Lack of care in the little things makes us make the biggest mistakes. (Gabriele Muccino)

Saints of the day

Most holy Name of Maria, San Guido of Anderlecht (Pilgrim, protector of sacristans, bellmen, farmers, horses, coachmen), San Silvino of Verona (Bishop), Saints Cronides, Leontius and Serapion (Martyrs), Sant ‘Autonomous (Bishop and Martyr).


It happened today

  • 1958 invented the microchip. Computers, mobile phones and cards wouldn’t work without the ‘integrated circuit’ or ‘microchip’. This electronic component was designed by the US engineer Jack Kilby: one ‘germanium plate ‘ with a transistor slide and other components attached. It was perfected by Robert Noyce (co-founder Intel), who replaced germanium with silicon. The researches of Kilby were awarded with Nobel Prize in Physics 2000.
  • 1981 the ‘Smurfs’ on TV. A people of blue gnomes who live in the woods, in mushroom-shaped houses, forced to defend themselves from Gargamel, irascible and bungling wizard, and from his inseparable cat, Birba. The series of cartons produced by “Hanna & Barbera “, inspired by Belgian comics “Schtroumpfs “, appeared in ’58 as a secondary story. Launched on TV, they arrived in Italy in 1982 on Mediaset, with the abbreviations of Cristina D’Avena.

Famous births

  • Barry White (1944-2003), USA, singer and musician. Born in Galveston (Texas) as Barry Eugene Carter, debuted at 11. Nicknamed “The King of the soft soul”, deep and romantic voice, he played piano, drums and keyboards. He threw famous pieces like ‘You’re the First, the Last, My Everything ‘ (’74), ‘Let the Music Play ‘ (’76), ‘You see the trouble with me ‘ (’76) and ‘Just the Way You Are’ (’78), but it remains unforgettable ‘Love’s Theme ‘ (’73), both in instrumental version (Love Unlimited Orchestra) and vocal (female trio Love Unlimited). The ‘live’ with Pavarotti (’98) was followed by more than a billion people on TV. He won 2 Grammy Awards and sold over 100 million records. After his death his ashes were scattered overboard by Michael Jackson.
  • Pierluigi Marzorati (1952), Italy, former basketball player. Born in Figino Serenza (CO), playmaker, he played from ’69 to ’91 always with Cantù basketball (692 appearances). He won 2 league titles, 2 Champions Cups, 4 Korać Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups, 4 Cup Winners’ Cups. In national team (278) won 1 Olympic silver (Moscow ’80) And 1 European gold (’83).
  • Elisabetta Canalis (1978), Italy, showgirl. Born in Sassari, she became famous as a ’tissue’ of “Strip the news “. Fixed presence at Mediaset (‘Counterfield ‘,Never say Tuesday ‘), conducted the ’07 Festivalbar and was a valley in Sanremo ’11 and ’12. As an actress she starred in ‘Carabinieri ‘ (’03 -’04) and in movies’Daddy’s Girlfriend, ‘I’m getting married at Christmas. After relations with Christian Vieri And George Clooney married (’14) the Italian-American surgeon Brian Perri and from him he had his daughter Skyler Eva (’15), born in Los Angeles.
  • Yao Ming (1980), China, former basketball player. Born in Shanghai, 229 cm tall and 140 kg heavy, he pioneered Chinese players in the USA. He played as a center in the Houston Rockets (’02 -’11), who withdrew his no. 11, and it was called up 8 times for the All Star Game. With the Chinese national team he participated in the ’04 and ’08 Olympics.


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