The series of the week recover ‘Outer Banks’ and stars like Christoph Waltz, Vincent Cassel and Eva Green

One more week, the platforms are filled with new series premieres. Of the Monday 20 to Sunday 26 February, the viewer will have a varied menu to choose from with a total 10 fictionsbetween releases and new seasons.

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On this occasion, the leading role is taken by different stars that we usually see in the cinema. Amazon Prime Video debuts The consultantan adaptation of the homonymous novel by Bentley Little that stars Christopher Waltz. By your side, AppleTV+ debuts Liaisonhis first original French production, a thriller about how the mistakes of the past can threaten our future starring Vincent Cassell and Eva Green.

not far behind The Mayfair Witcheswith which AMC+ expands its universe Anne Rice after the good reception of interview with the vampirefollowing the author’s best-selling trilogy and focusing on the character of Rowan Mayfair, played by Alexandra Daddario. The singer is also surprised Carlos Viveswhich by the hand of Disney+ stars The bass clubin which he plays a music teacher.

Outside of the big names of protagonists, perhaps the most anticipated series is Outer Banksthat launches its third season in Netflix as a claim for lovers of danger, tension and confrontation. The Spanish-speaking bet is represented by Triada suspense bet that reaches the same platform, which also expands its Turkish catalog with the police Who are we running from, mom?. For those who hate long waits between seasons, filming premieres the miniseries stone house, a short three episode British comedy.

‘Stonehouse’ (February 21, Filmin)

This is the series: Three-part comedy miniseries, inspired by the extraordinary rise and fall of British MP John Stonehouse, who is emulated here by Matthew Macfadyen. As a high-flying member of Harold Wilson’s Labor government in the 1970s and an apparently devoted family man, John Stonehouse’s picture-perfect life begins to falter dangerously, as it turns out that while Stonehouse has been climbing the political ladder, so has he. you have been forging secret relationships that will threaten you personally and professionally. Directed by Jon S. Baird (The fat and the skinny).

‘The bass club’ (February 22, Disney +)

This is the series: The singer Carlos Vives plays Amaranto Molina, a music teacher who is not at all special who starts teaching at the Ultranova institute, specialized in music and dominated by old formulas of discrimination. Every year, the director, Eduardo Kramer, chooses five students, called the Club de los Agudos, to form a teenage band and leaves out those with deep voices, considering that they do not meet the market standards. Amaranto will be in charge of offering the institute a new perspective.

‘Triad’ (February 22, Netflix)

This is the series: After discovering that she was separated from her two identical sisters at birth, Rebecca embarks on a dangerous investigation to learn her origins. Maite Perroni meets with the creator of dark desireLeticia López Margalli, in this thriller inspired by true events.

‘Call it love’ (June 22, Disney+)

This is the series: After being left homeless, Woojoo swears revenge on the person he holds responsible for the injustices he has suffered. However, his supposed enemy is a heartbreakingly lonely and gentle man.

‘Outer Banks’ S3 (February 23, Netflix)

This is the series: After losing their gold and fleeing the Outer Banks, the Pogues wash up on the shore of a deserted island that at first glance seems like an idyllic home. The new inhabitants of the island, officially baptized as ‘Poguelandia’, dedicate themselves to fishing, swimming and having fun without worries in their provisional refuge. But things don’t take long to go wrong, and when they find themselves involved again in the search for the treasure, they have no choice but to flee to save their skins. Penniless and far from home, they can trust no one. Meanwhile, Ward and Rafe seek revenge, and a ruthless Caribbean mobster is willing to do whatever it takes to get his hands on the loot. The Pogues have everything against them, and the only way to get out of danger is together.

‘The Mayfair Witches’ (February 23, AMC+)

This is the series: Based on the bestselling trilogy by Anne Rice, it centers on Rowan Mayfair (Alexandra Daddario), a young and intuitive neurosurgeon who discovers that she is the heir to a family of witches. As she deals with her newfound powers, she must confront a sinister presence that has haunted her family for generations. This is the second AMC+ production of Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe, after the recent premiere of interview with the vampire.

‘Made in Oslo’ (February 23, Sundance TV)

This is the series: Elin (Pia Tjelta) is 40 years old and must surrender to the idea of ​​being a mother, since her relationship with Bjørn (Jacob Cedergren) would not survive any more IVF. It’s time to consider adopting a baby and stop fighting, but Elin has a hard time giving up for good. Running her own assisted reproductive clinic and working each day surrounded by hope prevents her from completely giving up on the idea of ​​conceiving a baby. But how far can Elin go to become a mother? Her obsession will lead her to seek medical treatment in secret, cross the boundaries of ethics and play God, despite the fact that this puts her business, her marriage and even her relationship with her stepdaughter at risk. of her Stella. Kathrine Valen Zeiner (wisting) is the screenwriter for the project, which also includes Tobias Menzies (The Crown).

‘The Consultant’ (February 24, Amazon Prime Video)

This is the series: Based on Bentley Little’s novel of the same name, the characters and story of this new series develop in unexpected ways. When Regus Patoff (Christoph Waltz) is hired as a consultant to improve the results of the video game app company CompWare, the employees experience new demands and challenges that put everything in question… including their lives. The creator of ServantTony Basgallop, is responsible for the project.

‘Liaison’ (February 24, Apple TV +)

This is the series: The first original series on Apple TV+ in France is a thriller that explores how the mistakes we made in the past have the power to destroy our future. The series combines action with an unpredictable and multi-layered plot, in which espionage and political intrigue are intertwined with a story of love and passions. Vincent Cassel and Eva Green are the powerful couple leading a fiction created and written by Virginie Brac (Spiral) and directed by Stephen Hopkins.

‘Who are we running from, mom?’ (February 24, Netflix)

This is the series: The series week closes with this premiere of Turkish fiction on Netflix. A woman with a mysterious past lives as an anonymous fugitive with her daughter as they turn hotels into temporary homes and mistrust the rest of the world.

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