The situation of Santiago Solari in America was defined for the rest of the championship

Santiago Solari will continue to lead America until the end of Clausura 2022.

Solari has the backing of the board.
© picture 7Solari has the backing of the board.

The performance and results of America They are as striking as they are worrying. The team not only fails to impose its conditions against weaker rivals in terms of payroll, but also has truly appalling individual and team performances despite having top-level elements.

The four points out of 15 possible, added to a victory in the last ten games, make Santiago Solari in the technical direction. After being eliminated early in the last two Playoffs, the coach has no margin for error. The institution even made a large outlay of money in the transfer market to strengthen the squad, so they need immediate positive markers.

To clear up the rumors of his departure, despite the fact that they confirmed that he will continue for at least the next two games, the Argentine was confirmed for the rest of the championship by Los Milonetas. There is also a lot of hope that the situation will be reversed quickly. The information was published by Record Journal.

In addition to trusting the process that began on December 29, 2020, the high command knows that there is no one-time option that can replace the former Real Madrid strategist. There is solarism for a while!

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