the statement of a coach who sparked controversy

We know that the PSG season was not the one everyone expected. More than anything in the UEFA Champions League, where he fell in the round of 16 of a historic series against Real Madrid. The fans of the Parisian team were not silent and Lionel Messi was in the eye of the critics, just like Pochettino and other players.

Mauricio Pochettino, the coach of the France team, expressed his support for Lionel Messi on French radio Europe 1 and analyzed the Argentine star’s first season with the institution.

“You can’t talk about him like that because he’s not an ordinary player. He is on the same level as Maradona. It is clear that his arrival from Barcelona was a big change in his life and like everyone else he needs a process of adaptation.said the former Tottenham manager.

The Argentina national team captain has racked up nine goals and 13 assists so far this season, split across Ligue 1, Champions League and Coupe de France, in a total of 31 games played.

Yet, despite showing good numbers for a first season in a new league, he was booed and whistled by Paris fans after elimination from the Champions League.

In this context, the Argentine coach added: “There is a great disappointment in not having obtained the Champions League, but we have to make allowances. This will serve as our experience for years to come.

Messi’s future

A few weeks ago, Lionel Messi ratified his contract and will continue for at least one more season. His link with the French institution expires on June 30, 2023 and next season he will be looking to secure the sixth Champions League of his career and help PSG fulfill their greatest obsession: the first. “orejona” of its history.

The season is coming to an end. The Parisian team has already succeeded in becoming Ligue 1 champions five dates in advance, a feat that eluded them last season against Lille.

There are only three dates left for the end of the local championship and it is the only thing left for the Argentine striker to face the end of the season with his club in addition to the commitments with the Argentine team.

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