The Studio Display screen has a new wallpaper and you have to download it


The Studio Display has a new wallpaper that you can now download, you can’t miss it.

When Apple introduced its new Studio Display, it came with an exclusive wallpaper that we already showed you how to download. And now, with the arrival of macOS Monterey 12.4 RC, Apple has included a new wallpaper for the Studio Display, similar to the previous one but somewhat different, with darker colors. And the best thing is that you can download it right below for any of your devices.

wallpaper studio display

This is the new wallpaper of the Studio Display

How to download this wallpaper at maximum quality

This wallpaper is just below, but first we are going to explain how to download them to the highest possible quality. To do so, we advise you to follow these steps:

  • Open this article in Safari or another browser, do not use Facebook or Twitter.
  • Click on the button below the wallpaper that says “Download at maximum quality”.
  • Long press on your iPhone screen and tap on “Add to Photos”

Now you just have to go to Settings > Wallpaper > Select new background on your iPhone or iPad and choose the wallpaper you have downloaded to put it on the lock screen or home screen. On the Mac, simply right-click on the desktop and select Change Wallpaper.

The new Studio Display wallpaper

Studio Display Background

Most downloaded wallpapers

If you want more wallpapers, we have many collections with hundreds of cool wallpapers, both for iPhone and iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. And we also have the wallpapers of the latest Apple devices:

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