“The super green pass discriminates against Sardinians”

Exposed in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Sassari of Irs, Progres and Torra: “A swab is enough to travel”

SASSARI. A complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sassari to report what the independence activists of iRS, ProgrReS and Torra consider a “violation of the right of Sardinian citizens to move freely and therefore of the right to health, study and work”.

The impossibility of leaving the island without a reinforced green pass essentially means that Sardinians do not have, like other Italians, the possibility of moving from one region to another. «It would be enough – they explained yesterday morning during a sit in front of the Sassari courthouse – a quick swab before boarding. It would clearly represent a much more valid form of health precaution than that offered by the green certification obtained for having vaccinated or for contracting the virus, which certainly cannot ensure that the person who has it is not positive. and therefore capable of infecting an indeterminate number of people “. For iRS, ProgReS and Torra “the law in force is illogical even before being discriminatory: in fact it not only does not safeguard the health of the community but is such as to determine an unacceptable inequality between citizens based on the place where they live”.

Sardinian politicians are targeted. “They managed to be overcome in determination and authority even by the mayors of the small islands who, representing a few hundred people, immediately denounced the discrimination of their citizens, obtaining for them some exemptions from the state in a few hours”. Not just a complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office: the separatists are ready to forward the report also to the major European bodies: Parliament, Commission and Council. And to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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