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The revelations of a journalist about the reasons that led the actor Will Smith to slap comedian Chris Rock are causing a stir.

According to a post by ABC, renowned American journalist Max Burns makes a detailed analysis of Smith’s supposed motives to act violently.

The writer has exposed in a detailed Twitter thread the internalization of the actor which led him to attack Rock in full Oscar gala.

According to Burns, everything is based on his religious beliefs, which have to do with the controversial Church of Scientology.

Although it is clarified that Smith has never openly said that he is one of the so-called “Scientologists”, in the films he has starred in, such as After Earth, “it seems to assume the thesis of its creator and spiritual leader, L. Ron Hubbard”, He says ABC.

Tied to this, Leah Rimini, is an actress and former member of said church which he has dedicated in recent years to denouncing certain members.

According to the note, she revealed in an interview in 2018 that Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s wife, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars “to access the maximum degree of recognition” within the religious structure.

“According to various sources, the marriage pays for a school of Scientology: the New Village Leadership Academy (the Academy of the Leadership of the New Town)”, says the note.

The slap between your beliefs?

According to the journalist, the actor’s slap “was the only acceptable answer”, according to the guidelines of the “scientologists”.

And several of those lessons were received by Smith through certain courses within the religious structure.

Thus, Scientologists believe that, “in the face of inaction, you can get a slap as punishment by a senior member,” the note says.

To reinforce his thesis, the journalist cites fellow actor Tom Cruise, who is known is one of the members of said church.

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Several times it was revealed that on the set of his last Mission Impossible the use of violence and shouting was notorious.

“Max Burns recalls that verbal violence responds to what Scientology calls ‘use of tone scale’ for security and is part of the foundational concept of their faith”, states the note of ABC.

In fact, “Oprah Winfrey still hasn’t recovered from Tom Cruise’s visit to her show, where he started screaming and jumping on the couch like crazy”, emphasize the post.

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