The Swedish Prime Minister resigned just hours after taking office

The Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson resigned a few hours after taking office: the Swedish parliament, shortly after having voted her trust on Wednesday morning, in fact approved an alternative budget law to that of the government, which had been presented by ‘ opposition. Andersson, defeated in the first important vote, was thus forced to resign.

On Wednesday afternoon, a few hours after Andersson’s inauguration, parliament approved a financial maneuver presented and supported by the conservative opposition of the Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the far-right party of the Swedish Democrats. The bill should have been rejected, but it passed because at the last moment the center party, which in theory should have supported the government, decided to abstain.

For a few hours, Sweden therefore found itself with a center-left government (Andersson belongs to the Social Democratic Party and ruled in coalition with the Greens) and a budget law written by the center-right (the first in which a far-right party participated) , which, among other things, includes a reduction in taxes, an increase in funds for the police, a restriction of the rules on the reception of migrants and a reduction in taxes on car fuel.

At that point, the Greens decided to leave the government, saying they could not continue to govern with the constraint of a budget written by the opposition. Andersson was forced to resign.

It is not clear now what will happen to the Swedish government. Andersson said he will seek support in parliament to form a new government, but it is difficult for now to say whether he will succeed.

Andersson is the first woman to hold the post of Prime Minister in Sweden. She was appointed to replace her party colleague Stefan Löfven, who resigned on 10 November. He was supposed to rule the country until the elections scheduled for September 2022.

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