The US asks Bukele to comply with the Constitution before his possible re-election

The United States asked this Friday that the Constitution of El Salvador be complied with, given the controversial intention of the president of the Central American country, Nayib Bukele, to seek his re-election in the 2024 elections.

A State Department spokesman told Efe that the United States respects “the sovereignty of Salvadorans to choose their own future through democratic processes consistent with the Salvadoran Constitution.”

“The United States has a deep interest and is committed to the success of El Salvador, which can be guaranteed through firm compliance with the rule of law, including the Constitution,” said the same source when asked about Bukele’s announcement.

The Salvadoran president announced on September 15 that he will seek re-election in the next elections, an attempt branded as illegal by the opposition, activists and experts.

Until last year, the Supreme Court of Justice considered that Salvadoran presidents should finish their five-year term and wait ten to seek the Presidency again.

But in September 2021, the high court magistrates, chosen in a widely criticized process, changed the interpretation of the law, endorsing immediate re-election for a second term.

Bukele, who has declared a state of emergency to combat gangs, maintains high popularity in his third year in office.

The president, the first in modern history to seek immediate re-election, said his goal is “to continue on this path that we have started.”

The State Department denounced the “drastic” curtailment of civil liberties in El Salvador under the exceptional regime promoted by the Nayib Bukele government to combat gangs, and criticized the legislation that criminalizes the press that reports on organized crime. .

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