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Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will star in their own ‘spin-off’, ‘Isle of the Dead’, a risky combination that unites the greatest enemies of the franchise.

Only eight episodes separate us from the final outcome of The Walking Dead. Nevertheless, When the zombie fiction par excellence comes to an end with the third part of its eleventh season that will be released next fall, the franchise will continue to be very much alive. To start from the hand of its most veteran ‘spin-off’, Fear The Walking Deadwhich is already broadcasting its seventh season, but also several future projects involving some of the most beloved characters.

Among the future plans of the franchise The Walking Dead The most anticipated project stands out above the rest: the films about Rick Grimes in which Andrew Lincoln will bring the character back to life. Although at first there was talk of three feature films that would be released on the big screen, the famous news has been left too far behind. It came about at the time of Grimes’ departure, when then the end of the series hadn’t even been decided, and since then there have been few updates.

But Andrew Lincoln will not be the only character to get back into the skin of his character after the end of The Walking Dead. So will Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, who will star in a still untitled ‘spin-off’, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, who return as Negan and Maggie in Isle of the Dead. Filming for the first season of the anthology series has also begun. Tales of The Walking Deadwhich will narrate unknown stories of the apocalypse from the hand of new and old characters -such as Alpha, who has already been confirmed as one of the returning ones-.

Of all the future projects of The Walking Dead especially draws attention Isle of the Deadthe last announced and the most unexpected, since it is carried out by two rival characters whose camaraderie seemed destined to be completely impossible no matter how much the series tried to bring them closer.

Lauren Cohan also hates that Maggie trusts Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’: “I felt like throwing up”

The distance between Maggie and Negan is much greater than any feud that we have seen in the history of the series. He, as leader of the Saviors, smashed Glenn’s head in with a baseball bat, shattering with unforgettable cruelty and cold blood the couple’s dreams of a happy life still surrounded by the undead. At that time, she had just known that she was expecting his child, they had been separated and the last time they saw each other was kneeling in front of the villain.

For the latter, when The Walking Dead began to redeem Negan -something that, on the other hand, also happens in the books-, many fans refused to empathize with the character, whom they would always see as the killer of Glenn and Abraham. So did Maggie… until the team behind the franchise decided to turn everything upside down and give them a spin-off all to themselves.

How did the idea of ​​doing a spin-off of Maggie and Negan come about?

There is probably no riskier combination, although we assume that the third part of the last season of The Walking Dead will pave the way for it to make sense.

In fact, it has already begun to have it, when, at the end of the second part, ‘Acts of God’ (11×16), Maggie was “forced” to leave Hershel in Negan’s care in a scene that, according to recognized Cohan, it made him want to vomit.

About the start-up process Isle of the Dead The actress has spoken in an interview with comic bookin which he acknowledged that the team put several ideas on the table before deciding on this project. Thus, the unexpected ‘spin-off’ is a very thoughtful decision, however much it may seem surprising to many of us.

Plans to do a spin-off, albeit separately, on the characters of Maggie and Negan have been in development at AMC Networks since 2019, but was the forced truce between both characters for which the final season of The Walking Dead which led to the producer Eli Jorne to think about what would soon become Isle of the Dead.

I know there have always been three, maybe four, options for how Maggie would go in a spin-off. For Maggie or Negan there have been a lot of ideas that have been thrown around. I think this story that Eli Jorne has come up with, which is what we’ll be shooting in the first season of ‘Isle of the Dead,’ is really powerful and a very interesting way for fans to see these characters continue.

According to Cohan, in fact, the idea is not that Maggie and Negan will be friends forever, but that the tension will continue and will continue to be explored in an even more interesting way.. “Jeff and I are thrilled because it’s completely in service of who they are and where they end up in the Season 11 finale. In some ways, it’s even more tense than what we’ve been seeing this season. It’s good for us, because I feel that I can find things about Maggie that I wanted to explore more, and this backdrop is a great opportunity to do that.”

They had a lot of different ideas and then they outlined everything,” Cohan explains of the initial idea for ‘Isle of the Dead.’

About ‘Isle of the Dead’

Although is the most recent project, the reality is that Isle of the Dead advance quickly. To begin with because the series has already begun to pave the way, but also because many details about it are known and because its production will not take too long to get underway. Six episodes that will see the light in 2023.

The thinking head behind the story, Eli Jorné, will act as the ‘showrunner’ of the series, which he will develop together with the Franchise Content Director, Scott Gimple. Filming is scheduled to begin in July 2022 in New York ahead of its potential premiere in 2023, while Daryl and Carol’s ‘spin-off’ has barely released information.

According to AMC’s official description:

‘Isle of the Dead’ features popular characters Maggie and Negan traveling to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan that has long been cut off from the mainland. The ruined city is full of dead and inhabitants who have made New York City their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty and terror.

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