The Woman King: Viola Davis Responds to Criticism of Lack of Historical Accuracy

the star of The Woman KingViola Daviswanted to address the criticisms about the film historical inaccuracy. The film, which has swept the US, has been one of the most highly rated in recent weeks, earning high scores and applause from critics. Set in 1823Davis, who physically prepared for the role, embodies the general Naniscathe leader of the female warrior legion of Dahomean known as agojie. For many, the film is very entertaining and spectacular, but the story limps and distorts the true facts. Davis thinks the film’s job is to amuse, not educate.

Criticism for manipulating history: Viola Davis addresses complaints to The Woman King

The main and most lucrative export of the Kingdom of Dahomeythe one who is portrayed during the film during the XIX centurywere the slaves. Although the central story of The Woman King focuses squarely on the kingdom’s slave trade, with certain licenses and changes and always in relation to its tributary status under the Oyo Empire, it seems that there are omissions that are angering a sector of the public. Some think that the film did not go far enough in terms of adaptation or that it even sweetened and changed historical facts. to give the plot an edge that would not have had a place in real life. Others think that everything suffers from the intention of handle obviously the past for a political purpose. The reactions on social networks, as explained by ScreenRant, were fierce from a sector of the public.

The Woman King

Davis, along with her husband, producing partner, and co-star, Julius Tennon, addressed criticism of historical inaccuracy directed at The Woman King. Both, like director Gina Prince-Bythewood, stressed that “They were not going to argue on Twitter”, explaining that licenses are taken with the idea of ​​entertaining, and that if they had wanted to give a “history lesson”, they could have produced a documentary. “We entered the story where the kingdom was in flux, at a crossroads. They were looking for some way to keep their civilization and their kingdom alive,” says Davis. “Around 1800, the members of that town were decimated. Most of the story in the movie is fictional. And it has to be”concludes the star of the film.

Most of the film’s story is fictional. And it has to be. Otherwise it will be a documentary

“I believe that we have made a film that could be a “educational entertainment”. It’s history, but we have to take licenses to entertain the public. If we just told a history lesson in the movie, which is something we could have done, it would be a documentary film. Unfortunately, people will not turn out in droves as they have this weekend. We don’t want to get away from the truth. Yes, the story is huge and there are truths about everything that happened that are there. If people want to learn more about it, they can do more research on their own,” concluded Tennon, co-star and producer.

The film will be released on October 14 in Spain.

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