The year of Bitcoin in Africa

Bitcoin development tool for Africa? This will be one of the strong themes of the 2022 as regards the leading cryptocurrency on the market, which after making its way to El Salvador it could start its journey, as legal tender and not, even in continent of Africa.

With a commitment that does not arise only from the huge number of users we have seen for example in Nigeria, but also from prominent personalities of the world of sport and entertainment, which could definitely push on the accelerator as regards the world of $ BTC.

Bitcoin in Africa - Ngannou brings the topic to the table
Bitcoin flies to Africa – opinion movement starts

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Great personalities behind the possible growth of Bitcoin in Africa

What part of the problems Africans they are also dictated by monetary policies out of his mind it shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone. The Zimbabwe it is the most emblematic case, even if similar problems are experienced in many and different realities. He also recently took the field Francis Ngannou, which many fans of MMA they will know for its dominance in the maximum category of UFC.

I’m talking about it with my family and friends in the crypto world. #Bitcoin is important in Africa and I am thinking of receiving half of my “bag” in $ BTC. Bitcoin is the future and I believe it.

Let’s talk about bags millionaires for a champion known in the four corners of globe and that could very importantly push the adoption of Bitcoin to certain latitudes, thanks also to one personal history very particular.

Bitcoin which could become one of the keys to rebirth of a continent where monetary authority and political authority are often too coincident and where the debasement of the value of fiat currencies it’s on huge proportions compared to what we’re used to seeing in Europe.

The enormous commitment of sportsmen to Bitcoin continues

Rich, very rich and Bitcoin lovers on average more than other categories. This may be the summary of the enormous movement of opinion that is taking place creating around the world of Bitcoin from the sporting side.

As we have already seen on the pages of in reality there are already several top-tier sportsmen in the USE who have asked for and obtained their salary in Bitcoin. A movement that is part of the enormous growth of popularity of this cryptocurrency and that will allow to reach even bands of the population who otherwise would have hardly come into contact with this movement.

The political implication of the possible request for Ngannou however, it is even more important, in a continent where athletes have repeatedly been the bearers of instances of enormous importance for the local population. Mark our words: the 2022 it will be a year of enormous significance for the world of Bitcoin, also and above all in Africa

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