These $9 tactile gloves are a hit with Amazon shoppers

These popular gloves feature non-slip details on the palm and fingers that are compatible with touch screen devices.

Tactile and non-slip gloves from Trendoux.  Images vía Amazon

Tactile and non-slip gloves from Trendoux. Images via Amazon

Anyone looking to spend time outdoors this winter will need a good pair of gloves or mittens. However, cold weather can make connecting difficult, so it’s no surprise that touchscreen-friendly designs have been all the rage of late.

A pair of tactile gloves is now on sale for $16 at Amazon. Shoppers love the lightweight and cozy design of the TRENDOUX tactile and non-slip glovesas well as its affordable price.

Right now you can pick up a pair of these knit gloves starting at $16, well below their regular price of $19.

Tactile and non-slip gloves from Trendoux.  Images vía Amazon

Tactile and non-slip gloves from Trendoux. Images via Amazon

$8.99 at Amazon

The details

These Trendoux gloves meet all the requirements of winter clothing. Sensitive conductive material on the thumb, index and middle fingers allows you to use your phone’s touch screen, tablets or other touch devices, while the non-slip palm grip makes it easy to hold.

Made in thick knit, they have a soft brushed wool lining to provide more warmth. This unisex style comes in three sizes (medium, large and extra large) and is available in a wide range of different colours.

“Functional and comfortable”

Backed by over 55,000 customer reviews, these soft texting gloves are a hit with shoppers who want to protect their hands from the cold. People love that they are “quite warm” compared to other lightweight gloves and the grip is another plus point in winter.

“I love the palm and finger grips,” said one person who wore the gloves while “driving, holding grocery bags, opening icy car doors, etc.” Another person added that the gloves are also “great for holding on to the dog’s leash.”

“Very functional and comfortable,” stated one review.

Tactile and non-slip gloves from Trendoux.  Image vía Amazon.

Tactile and non-slip gloves from Trendoux. (Photo: Amazon)

$8.99 at Amazon

Buyers have also been impressed that these gloves really do deliver on the promise and are touchscreen compatible.

One person called them “the best tactile gloves” they’ve ever owned and another said they “fit well and have great tactility.”

If you plan to wear these gloves during the colder days of winter, you may need to layer thicker gloves or mittens on top. Many people said that these gloves are not thick enough to withstand the harsh Canadian weather conditions, especially since they are made of a woven material and are not waterproof.

“They are good to drive, but not so good to be outside,” noted one review.

“Great fall/spring gloves, but not for Canadian winters,” added another.

They’re worth it?

It depends on the use you give them. Without a doubt, they are an affordable option to enrich your collection of winter accessories. As many reviews have pointed out, they are ideal for cold days when you do not have much contact with rain or snow.

Perfect for driving, walking the dog, or commuting, you can’t go wrong with these $16 tactile gloves.

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