These are some of the best apps for personal well-being that you can find on Google Play

Current physical and mental health unquestionably it is closely linked to technology and how much people are usually connected to the mobile, computer or any similar electronic device.

This is a general opinion that has been growing over time, and the reality is that being honest, it does not sound strange or new at all to think that technology and social networks have a negative effect on the user’s personal well-being.

For this reason, and in order not to overlook this important topic, today we will be commenting on 3 of the best apps that you can get on Google Play to help you improve your personal well-being and productivity in generalwhich will help you make better use of your mobile and not waste so much time on social networks, for example.

QualityTime has more than a million downloads on Google Play

We start with this interesting application called QualityTime, which has the purpose of using your time efficiently and controlling your digital habits, in this way, reduce the time you spend on your cell phone and improve your mental well-being.

It has more than a million downloads, in addition to a good evaluation by users, so if you are interested in an application with these characteristics that helps you keep order in terms of the time you use the mobileor even a specific app, QualityTime is certainly an option that you can download for free and take a closer look.

AppBlock to block those apps that make you anxious if you don't use them

In order to keep you focused and away from bad thoughts about social networks or certain applications, AppBlock has arrived, an application that temporarily lock apps so you can’t access them and do not distract yourself from those obligations that you must do.

Mentally, this is a type of tool that, according to hundreds of people, helps a lot to detoxify the mind and calm the anxiety of seeing the mobile at every moment. In fact, to prevent this from happening in certain places such as work or school, the app is capable of synchronizing with the location of your mobile so that they are automatically blocked when you arrive at those places.

Forest is a great app and has won awards in previous years

Deviating a little from the theme of the previous apps, Forest is presented as an app that will help you calm your anxiety about using your mobile by doing it in a fun way, and in order to create healthy habits of productivity and concentration, the app features a “game” of planting trees, which will grow over timethough if you ever leave Forest because of temptation, the tree you planted will die.

The app presents different statistics that will show you the progress you have within the app, as well as being able to see a big forest full of trees if you put your mind to it and you don’t fall into mobile addiction, of course.

Forest has more than 10 million downloads, in addition to obtaining an important title such as best app on Google Play in 2015 and 2016among other prizes.

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