These celebrities showed that we should not allow anyone to damage our self-esteem

Not even the famous ones are saved from those toxic people who seek to ridicule, humiliate and offend others, but what was truly admirable was how they gave a lesson in self-esteem by prioritizing their well-being and imposing limits.

They ignored the detractors and with a lot of self-confidence they continued fighting for their goals, becoming an inspiration for thousands of women around the world.

Celebrities who did not let anyone damage their self-esteem and self-esteem

Jennifer Lawrence

With the charisma that identifies her, years ago the protagonist of passengers confessed that on one occasion she was forced to go on a diet if she wanted to get a role on television.

“I was young, it was one of the things that actresses have to go through. Someone told me that she was fat, that they would fire me if she didn’t lose weight. They brought me photos of me practically naked and told me to use them for motivation to diet“, he claimed.

Although he acknowledged that at that time this impacted him because of his youth, today “if someone whispers the word diet to me, I say ‘fuck you,'” he said.

Jennifer Lopez

A similar case happened to the diva from the Bronx, because when she was starting her career, a manager dared to tell her that she was fat because of her toned and athletic build that he has always had.

His reaction was more than forceful: instead of modifying his body to meet the expectations of third parties and fit into a standard, she fired the representative and sought to surround herself with someone more positive for her.

“They kept telling me to lose weight. She was a dancer and she was athletic, and even my manager at the time, who she no longer works with, she told me: ‘you need to lose weight, you need to be thinner’”, he explained, according to upsocl.

Reese Witherspoon

She is one of the most recognized celebrities in the cinema for a whole generation, but also a woman who has defended her self-esteem since she took her first steps, in which she was disqualified many times.

“When I got to Los Angeles, all I ever heard was that I wasn’t tall enough or pretty enough or smart enough… Good thing I’m stubborn”, She declared in an interview about those people who wanted to destroy her to stop her rise in entertainment.

meryl streep

Precisely, The Oscar winner had to endure in her youth being told “the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen” by a producer, in 1976.

“I’m sorry I’m not pretty enough to be in King Kong,” she replied. She left with her head held high and by 1980 she was already highly valued with the first such statuette in his honor.

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