They accuse Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau of plagiarizing Adele

Angela Aguilardaughter of Pepe aguilar, does not stop being in the eye of the hurricane. Now she and her ex-partner, the composer Gussy Lau They are accused of having plagiarized a song by the British artist Adele.

As is known, Gussy Lau Y Angela Aguilar They were a couple – a fact that also led to a controversy over the age difference between the two – and as a result of that relationship the song ‘Qué agony’ was created.

Angela Aguilar with her father Pepe Aguilar
Angela Aguilar with her father Pepe Aguilar Credits: Angela Aguilar

The theme that currently plays on platforms and the radio has been the target of criticism, since on social networks it is accused that the theme of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar is a copy of ‘Rolling in the Deep‘, one of the biggest hits of Adele.

The song ‘what agony‘ In addition to having composition of Gussy Lau was also intervened by himself Pepe Aguilar.

Why do they say that there is plagiarism from Ángela Aguilar to Adele?

Angela Aguilar has made a name for himself on the Mexican stages and abroad, although he is part of the regional popular music dynasty: los aguilarhas proven to be talented and the owner of a great voice.

The composer Gussy Lau had a relationship with Ángela Aguilar
The composer Gussy Lau had a relationship with Ángela Aguilar Credits: Gussy Lau

But with the sweetness of success comes complications, and the smallest of Pepe Aguilar He is once again in the eye of the hurricane.

Via TikTokthe account @siniestrodanielhe accuses the composition of Gussy Lau, Pepe Aguilar Y Angela Aguilar of allegedly having committed plagiarism with ‘what agony is‘.

To corroborate his theory, the user of TikTok He made a comparison between the two songs in a video to demonstrate the similarities, especially in the chorus where it is considered that plagiarism was committed.

It is important to mention that the song of Angela Aguilar is of the Mexican regional genre and that of Adeleis a pop ballad that was published in 2011.

Ángela Aguilar in the controversy with Gussy Lau

This is not the first time that Angela Aguilar She is involved in a controversy, it is even the second in which she has been involved with her ex-partner Gussy Lau.

And it is that when they were dating, he was also a member of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexicothe age difference stood out a lot.

Gussy Lau took the daughter of Pepe Aguilar 15 years, despite the criticism they went out for a while, but their relationship was brief and apparently they were on the best of terms and the subject “what agony‘ is proof of that.

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