They burned a car a few meters from the Caliente Stadium during Xolos vs PueblaMediotiempo

Mexico City /

various cars were set on fire in the cities of Ensenada, Mexicali and Tijuanaone of which was a few meters from the Caliente Stadium while the match between Xolos and Puebla was played, which ended with a 3-3 draw.

The middle north point detailed in a live broadcast that it was a car with California plates and according to the information he had collected It was burned around 8:17 p.m. local time. (22:17 from central Mexico), just when the match was being played.

It is explained that it was the first private vehicle that had been set on fire on a hectic night in the border citywhile the rest belonged to public transport.

Another car was also set on fire on Boulevard Salinasjust five minutes from the building where the Matchday 8 match was played.

According to the newspaper Millennium, it is unknown if they are acts carried out by organized crimealthough it details that in Tijuana and Mexicali, for example, men took passengers out of a public transport car under threats, and then set a car on fire.

They changed the Braves vs. Pachuca

It is worth mentioning that due to the violence that existed in Ciudad Juárez, Liga MX announced that the game between Bravos and Pachuca will be rescheduled and cannot be played this Saturday, August 13, as originally established.​

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