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With nearly 30 lotion and ointment products, distributed in around 14,000 bottles per month, the Pharmacy UEB specializing in natural and traditional medicine in the municipality of Consolación del Sur today enjoys unparalleled demand and popularity.

According to Vivian Bravo, main technical specialist of the aforementioned UEB, who directly attends the program, the preparations are used in the treatment of diseases and ailments, and are located in the network of pharmacies throughout the territory.

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“Among the most stable compounds today we have syrups, tinctures, creams and ointments, lotions, extracts and fluids fundamentally. At the same time, we also periodically receive a group of products from the national industry, with equal acceptance, among them AliviHo homeopathic drops for headache, insomnia, AliviHo immune and others”.

“The ones with the highest sales and demand are syrups of aloe, oregano and propolis hemelite, due to the rise in respiratory diseases in the municipality as a result of the climate and the scourge of Covid-19,” he added.

Regarding the entry and availability of raw materials for the preparations, the specialist mentioned that to date it has been favorable, not having the entire volume required to meet some specific demands, but to provide a solution to most of the compounds.

“In this sense, one of the most scarce raw materials is hydro-alcoholic solutions, of which we only have 50 percent of the order today, but we are drawing up new measures and looking for alternatives to reverse the balance.”

Regarding the expectations for this year, he envisioned a good path, because roughly the UEB manages to meet its main indicators, and it is thought of increasing some productions of high demand in the municipality.

“Natural and traditional medicine has a very important value for today’s society, and we have even been able to appreciate how in the last two years of the pandemic, the population of Consolaria has become even more aware of these medicines and has been very receptive and consistent with their treatment. use and application”, he concluded.

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