They intercept a boat with 54 Dominican migrants and 4 Haitians in Puerto Rico

The US Coast Guard reported this Wednesday the repatriation of 54 Dominican migrants and the return of 4 Haitians to the Dominican Republic, who tried to enter Puerto Rico illegally. in an overloaded boat.

Coast Guard patrolman Joseph Doyle intercepted the vessel last Monday night near the Puerto Rican island of Desecheo, located in the Mona Canal, that separates the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The crew of the Joseph Doyle safely boarded the makeshift boat’s passengers and delivered the group to a Dominican Republic Navy ship near the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, according to the coast guard statement.

“Fortunately, our Coast Guard assets responded to this case in time to safely rescue everyone from this highly overloaded vessel,” said Commander Gerard Wenk.

The commander explained that the boat “was unseaworthy and could have easily capsized without warning in the middle of the night.”

Last May, also near the islet of Desecheo, a shipwreck of a boat loaded with Haitian migrants left 11 women dead and 38 survivors rescued.

From October 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022, the Coast Guard intercepted 64 illegal voyages in the Mona Passage and in the Caribbean waters near Puerto Rico with 1,706 migrants on board.

Of these, 1,235 were Dominicans, 370 Haitians, 52 Venezuelans, 12 Uzbeks, one Cuban, one Ecuadorian and 35 of unknown nationality.

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