they prepare “new games for well-known series” and speculation begins, according to Famitsu

It is customary that in Japan, both companies and individuals, make letters celebrating the entrance of each New Year, one of the most interesting was the letter from Konami, where they mention: “we are planning new games for well-known series”. This reveals that the company will continue to push the reintegration of popular past franchises with modern approaches, like what they showed for the remake ‘Silent Hill 2’.

You can read the full letter below, the post was made in Japanese to Famitsu. Its content is interesting because they also announced that they have several “hidden” projects of those who hope to hear as soon as possible.

Happy New Year to all video game fans. Thank you very much for enjoying KONAMI games over the past year. This year is the Year of the Contest, and we’re planning new games for well-known series, with the goal of moving forward.

Also, new projects that we haven’t announced yet are underway, deep and quiet. Stay tuned for KONAMI announcements.

Namely, some of these games must be the future ‘Silent Hill’ releaseswith the remake of his second and the other two titles we met last October: the cryptic ‘Silent Hill f’ and the interactive ‘Silent Hill Ascension’.

Some games that could be these hidden developments

The Grinch

In addition, there is also the possibility that within those unannounced games there is ‘Silent Hill: The Short Message’the mysterious title that we have heard about thanks to the fact that it was qualified for both Taiwan and Korea, being more revealing in the case of Taiwan since on the portal it was possible to read even its synopsis and its publication confirmation on PS5.

However, there are other franchises that have been talked about for a while, as is the case of ‘Castlevania’ (of whom we had a little taste after revealing a collaboration with ‘Dead Cells’, during The Game Awards 2022) and ‘Metal Gear’.

Be that as it may, Konami has started the machinery and if everything goes smoothly, surely we will have a lot to talk about regarding this developer full of iconic sagasas long as it is not a remake from the game ‘The Grinch’ or ‘Castlevania Judgment’.

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