They recover a car stolen in Havana

there was a red lada car stolen It was recovered by its owners a week ago, in the vicinity of the Santa Fe bridge in the Guanabacoa municipality.

The vehicle surfaced less than 24 hours later under circumstances that have not been confirmed.

A brief publication on the AutoVaz Club Facebook profile revealed that the car had appeared and thanked for the concern and help of those who shared several publications on the network reporting the theft.

As is usual in such cases, there was no accuracy regarding the circumstances under which the vehicle was recovered.

Capture of Facebook/Autovaz Club

According to YouTuber Niover Licea, two young men working as taxi drivers were escorting two men to search for the two girls. However, during the journey they were attacked in the dark on the Santa Fe Bridge.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Lisia said that the thief “They used a chemical in a handkerchief to disarm the driver, but his assistant fled into the mountains.”

The criminals took the car, which was later recovered at a house in Guanabacoa “Ready to disassemble parts for sale”.

The source argues that it is not clear whether it was found by the authorities or by the actions of social networks, where the news of the theft and the license plate data of the car were widely disseminated.

There are no other details about the recovery of the vehicle at the end of this note, which is good news amid growing confusion over the wave of violence roiling Cuban society.

Along with the increase in crime and violence of all types, car theft has also skyrocketed in Cuba in recent months.

Police reported this at the end of November Alleged perpetrators of violent robbery of a tourist car arrested In Santa Clara. In that case, according to the official Fuerza del Pueblo Facebook profile, the violent robbery took place at a gas station at the entrance to the city.

“The man, who had rented a Hyundai car at the Transtour agency, parked it at the service center at km 259 for refueling on Thursday night and two thieves took advantage and stole the car,” the official profile said.

Around the same dates, in Manicaragua, Villa Clara, another man was Arrested while driving a stolen passenger car And with false license plates. He had a knife and an illegal pistol.

In October, a man stopped at a service center in the municipality of Playa in Havana to get gas. while he was going to prepare After filling fuel in the car’s tank, he saw how his car was stolenA black seat cordova.

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