They reveal ages and from which departments the deceased Guatemalans are

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minex) reported that following the event in San Antonio, Texas, United States, where on June 27 several migrants were found in a truck, including 53 deceased, Until now, they have identified alleged Guatemalans among the fatalities.

In addition, they have confirmed two nationals among the wounded in Texas.

According to the Minex, the deceased in the recognition process are a 22-year-old woman from Puerto Barrios, Izabal; four adult men aged 20, 31, 35, from the Guatemalan capital, and one 35 from San Marcos.

Also, of two unaccompanied male adolescents, ages 13 and 14, both from Nahualá, Sololá.

For your full identification They work with the support of the National Registry of Persons, in order to obtain the biometric report.

He explained that in the case of minors, seeks to establish communication with relatives to corroborate their identity data.

Among the injured who are under observation in Texas hospitals, there is a 23-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man.

Likewise, An unaccompanied minor who is presumed to be Guatemalan is in a critical condition in a medical center.

After the event was known, the Consular Network gave notice to the Minex to work together with the authorities of the State of Texas in the identification of nationals among those affected.

Furthermore, representatives of Consular missions went to the place of San Antonio to follow up on the case and visit the wounded.

Also, Guatemala maintains close communication with the foreign ministries of Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras to work in a coordinated manner in the identification, assistance and protection of migrants and their families, as well as in the investigations related to the unfortunate event.

The Minex recalled that through the Guatemalan Consulate in McAllen, Texas, Telephone numbers (956) 900 2736 and (956) 800 7351 and (956) 429 3413 are available.

In addition, you can call, in Guatemala, the number 1541 of the General Directorate of Consular and Migratory Affairs.

The number of migrants killed in a truck in San Antonio, Texas, increased to 53. The macabre discovery occurred on Monday night, when a San Antonio city employee heard a call for help near a highway where he was working and opened the back door of the truck, AFP reported.

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Rescuers removed 46 bodies and 16 “conscious” people, including four minors, They were taken to nearby hospitals.
After a day with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees, they suffered hyperthermia and acute dehydration.

Federal police arrested two men Tuesday at an address linked to the truck’s license plate, according to court documents.

Minors of Nahualá

Families mourn in Nahualá, Sololá, for the death of two teenagers who are among the migrants killed in a truck in Texas.

They are Pascual Melvin Guachiac Sipac, 13, and Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, 14, according to relatives, who are waiting for the bodies to be repatriated.

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