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Christian Nodal and Belinda They have given rise to various speculations about their controversial “break” one of them would point to an alleged “embezzlement”, Christy Nodal would discover the “Spanish” after an audit, they refer.

The singerChristian Nodal, announced the end of his commitment to Belinda on February 12 through a statement in his stories, although none have revealed the reasons, one of the many versions suggests an alleged “embezzlement” on the part of the “Latin Pop Princess“.

It would be after an audit that Christy Nodal, mother of “regional mexican“, who would apparently find alleged “false invoices” from Belinda’s team and which reveal more details today.

The “Christian Nodal’s mother“He wouldn’t sit idly by as his son rapidly squandered his fortune by overspending on the ‘pop star,’ so he would order an inspection of his accounts.

Nodal began to pay and pay and pay and pay, when the mother realized it, she said: Oh oh, things are not like that, and my son is not going to be paying for all of this, the mother of the “sonorense” supposedly said.

According to the journalist, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the results were what triggered the rupture of the supposed “marital commitment” between the interpreter of “We are no longer, nor will we be“.

Although he did not mind spending a fortune to please her, Christy Nodal decided to take matters into her own hands and show him the audit evidence.

According to the communicator, after the “composer“had the results in his hands, he decided to finish it definitively.

I don’t know if he had spent a euro, a thousand euros, 10 thousand pesos, I don’t know, but the amounts did not agree, so they told Nodal, ‘they are looking at you, brother, then Los Nodeli thundered.

This, not without first making a supposed and exhaustive analysis of each peso in the accounts of the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“, “They didn’t tell you wrong”, among many others, thus managing to identify the irregularities.

That the accountant is the one who ‘let’s see, where did this money come from? And who was this money for? And who did they pay this bill to?

“Nodal wanted to shield Belinda”

Belinda has received strong criticism and Gustavo Adolfo believes that “she is not to blame” and also points out that Nodal is also responsible for seeking to “shield the famous one”.

But Belinda was not to blame, Nodal was to blame, because he went to please, to shield, to have her here in the bag of his heart, Belinda began to pay very expensive things, very, very expensive, he said.

Although after knowing this and other details about the past relationship of the “former judge of La Voz”, the most noted has been the “television actress”, the presenter “First Hand” considers that the famous 32-year-old does not have all the blame on the results of the finances of the native of Caborca. Do you think she is right?

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