This exercise is the key to glutes as toned as Bar Refaeli’s (37)

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This is how Bar Refaeli (37) gets strong buttocksInstagram @barrefaeli

Growing the buttocks is not an easy task. It doesn’t matter if we know by heart how many days we have to train the buttocks to see results, what foods help to grow the buttocks or the best exercises to tone and lift the buttocks: it is a slow process that requires a lot of perseverance. Even though There are many factors that influence, without a doubt training is the most important.

Doing exercises focused on working the gluteal muscles, whether they are exercises for the maximum, medium or minimum gluteus, is essential to make them grow. But tell it to Bar Rafaeliwho through his Instagram stories has shared how do you train in the gym. the model of 37 years She has an enviable physique for which no one would say that they have had two pregnancies, of course.

The keys to your figure? Healthy eating, good rest and a lot of discipline in the gym. And it is that Bar Refaeli not only stands out for having some impressive abs -which also-, but for some strong and rounded buttocks. Come on, what we all want. Something this glute isolation exercise seems essential for:

Bar Refaeli’s glute exercise

A glute bridge to one leg in which the main protagonists of the exercise are the elastic bands, a way to give intensity to the movement and make your legs burn. “Never stop working on your 🍑” the model wrote in her stories… Of course not Bar! Having strong buttocks is one of our fitness goals forever and ever.

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How to do the exercise: Lie on a mat close enough to a wall that your legs can form a 90 degree angle when you put your feet on the wall. From there and with some elastic bands on the thighs, raise your hips as if it were a traditional gluteal bridge and make small rebounds, always with only one leg supported.

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