This fascinating horror game has the creator of ‘Resident Evil’ and is free if you have Amazon Prime in Mexico

In the last days of December, Amazon Prime Gaming released some free games in addition to those already announced for the month. Most of these still mark a validity to redeem up to 330 daysso they can still purchase several SNK titles at no cost.

Now, with a somewhat sudden announcement, we already know what are the games that the service will be giving to all Amazon Prime subscribers during January, taking into account ‘The Evil Whitin 2’ as the highlight.

Try Amazon Prime free for a month

Try Amazon Prime free for a month

As happens every month, in addition to the free titles in January, users can also take advantage of benefits in different franchises, such as ‘FIFA 23’, ‘Call of Duty’, ‘League of Legends’ and ‘Destiny 2’. This is the complete list of gift sets:

The Evil Whitin 2

Led by master Shinji Mikami, play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos and descend into the nightmarish world of STEM to save his daughter, Lily, where you’ll depend on the detective’s wits to survive, as the only way out is inside.

Faraway 2

Escape this planet Earth in this side scrolling puzzle game. Navigate through a beautiful, dark and bewildering environment where you will have to face obstacles at every turn and fight to stay on solid ground.


Survive in outer space with your immortal chicken by making tools, piloting vehicles and controlling space stations to explore the remains and discover the truth behind the sudden crash of your spaceship.

beat cop

Go back in time in this retro pixel art style game inspired by the 80’s police series to find out who framed you for a murder as Jack Kelly, a random neighborhood cop, in this adventure through New York.

Lawn Mowing Simulator

Experience the beauty and detail of mowing the great British countryside by driving a wide range of authentic, royally licensed mowers from renowned manufacturers including Toro, SCAG and STIGA while running your business.

Chicken Police – Pain in RED!

Seek redemption in this wacky story of love, death and chickens as you play Chicken Police in this whodunit adventure in a carefully crafted world, filled with a gritty story and absurd humor.

In order to redeem ‘The Evil Whitin 2’ and ‘Beat Cop’ it is necessary to have a GOG account and also to have downloaded their platform. For everyone else, you need to install the Amazon Games program as well.


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