This filming that Dwayne Johnson wanted to stop

Dwayne Johnson is the most bankable of the actors in circulation. After a fine career in wrestling, the actor took care of his image to land the roles of nice guy muscular always ready to do justice. It’s simple: The Rock only embodies the good guys to save the world with great family values! The general public loves it, not hesitating to rush into dark rooms. With millions of Instagram followers, Dwayne Johnson is a global influencer. The colossus even joins the DC Comics team in the role of Black Adam and there is no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have loved to have him in its ranks (even if integrating the two teams is not impossible). And in the middle of The Rock’s filmography stands a rather special film: No pain no gain.

And imagine that Dwayne Johnson wanted to quit filming.

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The reason ? The colossus did not necessarily feel in this funny black comedy very serious and not necessarily very family-oriented.

” I can not do that “

Dwayne Johnson has been nurturing his image for nearly a decade. As a star with worldwide popularity, producers constantly offer him roles as the nice guy behind the pile of muscles. Usually a former (or current) military or law enforcement official. Always noble values ​​with a lively spirit. As saying that No pain no gainthe true story of 3 robber bodybuilders with Anthony Mackie (Falcon in the MCU) and Mark Wahlberg (Uncharted), contrasted radically with its image.

As director Michael Bay explains in an interview (via WGTC), it was necessary to convince The Rock not to leave the shooting. The reason ? The man didn’t really feel comfortable in this contrarian role.

He literally quit the week before. He told me : ” I can not do that “. And I replied: Dwayne, you are my secret weapon on this movie. “. I wrote a long letter with all the actors that I directed who were afraid [de tourner avec moi] and how was it. And he said, ” OK, agreed “. He was brilliant in this film, it’s an incredible performance.

Michael Bay

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