This is Angelina Jolie’s trick to rejuvenate the skin

We have the
favorite beauty trick of some ‘celebs’. It is not the first time that we speak to you of some
treatment famous people do -like this one before a red carpet-, however, today we want to talk to you about one that has fallen in love with
Angelina Jolie and the Kardashian sisters. And we love it because it is a good, very complete skin rejuvenator that is ideal to try after the summer.

It is also known as
carbon peel, a revolutionary skin rejuvenation laser treatment, with visible results from the first session. Thanks to the laser, the carbon penetrates deep into the skin, closing the visible pores and visibly improving the appearance, providing texture and luminosity and reducing hyperpigmentation and skin blemishes.

And you can do it in
Slow Life House, an aesthetic medicine, beauty and wellness center located in Madrid that offers this coveted protocol in its treatment menu. It is unique when it comes to
rejuvenate and perfect the skinIt also reduces hyperpigmentation and skin blemishes.

But, what is this tip beauty that has made the ‘celebs’ fall in love? The
hollywood peel treatment It begins by applying a thin layer of activated carbon to clean facial skin, which is left to act so that it is completely absorbed.

Subsequently, a specific pointer is used for this type of treatment, which emits a laser light on the carbon and vaporizes it. With this technique, what is achieved is
remove all dead cells Instantly. A marvel!

The process is then repeated, this time without a mask, in order to raise the temperature and thus promote collagen stimulation. The laser used is Q-Switched -it is suitable for all skin types- and reveals a
bright, even and fresh complexion with just one session.

And yes, although with an application, the results are visible, experts usually recommend three sessions (180 euros/session), fortnightly or monthly, since the results are usually seen from the first moment and are maintained for up to a year.

The results? A flash effect, which is ideal for preparing the skin for special events as it has a
immediate lifting and tightening effect. It has an anti-aging action that minimizes wrinkles, fights blemishes and firms the skin and reduces the production of sebum and, therefore, visible pores.

In addition, it is detox, since it eliminates dead cells and impurities, improves the luminosity of the skin, reduces acne marks and
stimulates collagen production and blood circulation. A most complete treatment that is also ideal for recovering the skin after summer.

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