This is how Cubans can join the Ukrainian defense forces as volunteers

The Embassy of Ukraine in Havana made public the procedure that Cubans must follow to enter that country without a visa to join the International Defense Legion of that country, which since last Thursday faces the military invasion of Russia.

In various messages on his twitter profilethe diplomatic headquarters addresses the Cubans clarifying that President Volodymyr Zelensky “abolished visas for foreign volunteers who want to come and fight Russia.”

“However, due to the current situation, the only possible route to reach Ukraine is through its land borders with the countries of Europe”clarifies the note.

“Therefore, You can only get to Ukraine in this way and if, in addition, you have a Schengen visa.

“If you have a Schengen visa and the possibility of traveling to one of the countries bordering Ukraine, contact [email protected]indicating in the subject line ‘VOLUNTEER'”ends the Embassy.

In a decree signed on Monday, the Ukrainian president authorized temporary visa-free entry for foreign citizens wishing to join the Ukrainian International Defense Legion, except for citizens of the aggressor power Russia.

The corresponding decree, number 82/2022, was published in the Office of the President, the official site reported. ukrinform.

“From March 1, 2022, temporarily, pending Martial Law, the President of Ukraine has decided to impose visa-free travel for foreign citizens who wish to join the International Defense Legion of Ukraine, except for citizens of the aggressor power”, indicates the document.

The Government of Cuba has maintained its alignment with Moscow since the beginning of the aggressiondespite the widespread rejection of the country’s inhabitants.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a diplomatic note of protest for the express support of the Government of Cuba for the invasion of its territory by Russia.

In a tweet published in three languages, Emine Dzheppar, deputy minister of the portfolio in that European country, expressed a “strong protest against the declarations of the Government of Cuba in support of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and calls on Cuba to urge Russia to put end this aggression”.

In addition, The United States Embassy in Havana condemned on Monday “the false rhetoric” of the Cuban regime around the invasion.

“We condemn the false rhetoric of the Cuban regime that blames its problems in Cuba and, now, the invasion of Ukraine, on the United States. Russia bears full responsibility for its premeditated invasion of Ukraine and the resulting catastrophic loss of life,” he said. the diplomatic legation in a message on Twitter.

For Washington’s representation in Havana, “Efforts to shift responsibility from Russia to the United States and NATO have no credibility and are a form of disinformation.”

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