This is how her hair looked without anything artificial

Selena Gomez has become one of the most influential celebrities in the entertainment industry in recent years. After having dethroned Kylie Jenner by becoming the most followed woman on Instagram and having created an empire in the world of makeup, Selena has shown that she is quite an ‘it girl’ and a reference for many people around the world. Now, one of the most characteristic features of the CEO of ‘Rare Beauty’ is her naturalness and spontaneity. That’s why, He decided to recover an image from the trunk of memories in which he appears with his hair totally natural, without anything artificial and totally disheveled as if he had just gotten up. And, to the surprise of many people, the photo has been very well received by her fans, who praised her naturalness despite her fame.

Recently, the protagonist of ‘Only murders in the building’ took a few weeks off from social networks to get away from the controversy of her alleged feud with Hailey Bieber, wife of his ex Justin Bieber, and Kylie Jenner. To “celebrate” her return to the world of digital platforms, the singer shared a photo on Instagram in which she is shown with her natural hair, apparently uncombed and with many tangles on top. And although stylistically it is far from the images that celebrities usually publish, the truth is that the photo is so real and close that it has made her followers feel more and more identified with it.

In the photo, Selena is pictured alongside one of her best friends, Connar Franklin, wearing wolf t-shirts while going through some photos on her old iPad. “What do we do during our sleep that this is the result? I thought I had never moved… I love you best friend ”, she wrote in the title of the publication that already has just over 6.7 million“ likes ”. Netizens have pointed out that seeing a celebrity show the most human side of her is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the superficiality of the entertainment industry, and it is for this reason that photography has had great receptivity on the networks. social.

Selena Gomez bets on naturalness and her fans appreciate it

In the photo comments, you can read numerous messages from his followers who admire his simplicity and naturalness. Some of them have even stated that they feel identified with this look, so ‘disheveled Selena Gomez’ can easily be a trend or a mood, since Justin Bieber’s ex has shown that she also has her bad hair day like anyone else and she’s not ashamed to show her hair without filters. “Grateful to know that Selena and I woke up the same”; “This is what my hair looks like after a long sleep”; “I love how she posts photos of her bare personality!”; “The reality of how people look when they wake up” were just some of the comments Selena received in her post.

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