this is how to wear the pencil skirt to stylize

Queen Letizia has done it again. After returning to normal after his trip to the funeral of Constantine of Greece (and leaving aside his incredible appearance in the FITUR fair), the Kings have attended an act in the Royal Spanish Academy where his styling (again) has not gone unnoticed.

His presence required “work matters”. Therefore, and since there is no defined dress code, Doña Letizia has opted for one of the more versatile and recurring looks to go to the office. The look, elegant and uncomplicated, was based on a black coat, a blue blouse and a black leather skirt.

Queen Letizia

Signed by Hugo Bossthe return (and through the big door) of this basic leatherette that brings a modern touch that rejuvenates and takes away the seriousness of the classic office outfits that opt ​​for a midi skirt.

In addition, she is not the only royal who decides to trust this basic leather. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Marklehas succumbed to it on numerous occasions, although one of our favorites was when she went for a turquoise leather midi skirt that she paired with a turquoise top.

Meghan Markle

Far from the palace, celebrities have also echoed his versatility. Names like those of Dakota Johnson, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie or even the very Victoria Beckham have driven this female garment, sexy, but discreet; and very sophisticated in equal parts.

Victoria Beckham

One of its great advantages is that it is very wearable. You can wear them with crop tops like the Kardashians would, in total looks like the most refined royals or with printed shirts that add a different and original touch.

Be that as it may, and despite the fact that we lost track of them in 2021, everything indicates that they have returned, and these are the best models that you can find in your low cost stores and that will help you configure incredible, subtle and very successful outfits.


Hugo Boss pencil skirt, €209

We have not been able to resist. Maybe she is not Queen Letizia’s, but she achieves the same effect, she is lowered and looks great on all types of bodies. In addition, being a timeless basic, it is a good investment.


Naf Naf skirt with buttons, €38.45

These garments tend to have a bad reputation because some say that they widen the figure. It’s a false myth, but if you’re worried about your figure looking flat, choose a model that has a vertical button placket. It is a small detail that will give you longevity.


Green skirt by Noise May Tall, €23.99

If you like them, but you prefer to avoid black, this Duchess of Sussex model has captivated us. In addition, the invisible zipper detail makes it very elegant and suitable for any occasion.

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