This is Jeff Bezos’ $42 million watch

Jeff Bezos, the visionary founder of Amazon, invested $42 million to create a watch that will last 10,000 years. Created by computer scientist and inventor Danny Hillis, this monumental clock is intended to be not only an engineering marvel, but also a symbolic work of art that represents long-term thinking and emphasizes our responsibility to the future.

Clock located inside the mountain in the west Texas uses the Earth’s heat cycles to feed itself. Its components include a solar synchronizer, a pendulum, an audio signal generator, and a series of gears and dials. The 500-foot-tall clock synchronizes with the sun every noon and marks the year, century and millennium.

Most intriguing is the ringtone generator feature, capable of creating over 3.5 million unique ringtone sequences, ensuring that no day sounds the same as another. In addition, it contains five commemorative halls, each the size of a room, designed to house time-related artifacts and messages about the future of humanity. From a model of the solar system to sealed spaces that will be filled by future generations, these chambers embody the essence of the watch’s 10,000-year lifespan.

The motivation for this monumental project lies in the philosophy of Jeff Bezos, a visionary thinker convinced of a bright future for humanity. Inspired by the vision of Hillis, who conceived the idea in 1995 as a means of encouraging long-term thinking and responsibility, Bezos set about creating a temporal legacy that transcends generations, a tangible reminder of our connection to time and our commitment to the future.

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