This is Samsung’s first health-focused smart ring

The Galaxy Ring is here. As expected, Samsung took advantage of the summer Unpacked to re-introduce its first smart ring special attention is paid to conducting health-related measurements such as sleep, heart rate or physical activity. More or less the same as what other “wearables” like smartwatches offer. Although wearing a ring may be more convenient than a watch, for example, before going to bed.

The titanium ring with sensors for measuring the inside is available in three colors (gold, black and silver) and nine different sizes. Depending on the size, the weight changes; It moves 2.3 and 3 grams.

The thing is that the ring doesn’t have a screen – it simply collects information, which can then be viewed on a smartphone via an app. Samsung Health– It is obvious that your battery will last a long time. According to Samsung, about six to seven days. The charging case included with the device is capable of fully charging it in about eighty minutes.

To measure health and sleep

The device is actually capable of measuring the user’s sleep quality and improving it based on the data collected. “In addition to sleep assessment and snoring analysis, new metrics are emerging that help provide detailed and accurate analysis, such as sleep movement, sleep latency, heart rate, and breathing,” they note from Samsung. The ring also has a menstrual cycle tracking feature for women by measuring skin temperature at night.

The weight of the ring varies from 2.3 to 3 grams depending on the size.


The Galaxy Ring also comes with a Vitality Score feature, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the user with insights into how their health affects their daily life. “This allows you to use recommendations based on your current physical condition to improve your health. This score is calculated by assessing your physical and mental state across four important factors: sleep, activity, heart rate during sleep, and heart rate variability during sleep,” the company explains.

The ring is also capable of informing the user when their heart rate is above normal and automatically detecting the time when they are exercising.

At the moment he is not arriving in Spain.

Galaxy Ring will cost 449 euros and at the moment it will not be available in Spain.; although it will also reach other European countries such as France or Germany. To use it, the user must know that he must have a Samsung Galaxy terminal with Android 11.0 or higher operating system, to which the ring must be paired.

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