This is the Chinese answer to the Cybertruck, it promises up to 1,000 km of range

The Chinese response to the Tesla Cybertruck has come to light, it is called ‘IAT T-Mad’ and promises up to 1,000 km of range.

IAT T-Madthis is the name of the Chinese answer to the incredible and aerodynamic Tesla Cybertruck. Although for the moment it has only been presented as a concept car, this ‘wild’ pick-up could soon enter the production line.

It is a electric van 5,878 mm long, 2,198 mm wide and 2,029 mm high, together with a 3,622 mm wheelbase. Although these measures make it almost exactly the same length from the Cybertruck, it is wider, taller, and has a slightly shorter wheelbase.

In fact, this new electric pick-up and with great off-road focuspromises that it will hit the market with up to 1,000 kilometer range.

IAT T-Mad Chinese version of the Tesla Cybertruck

IAT T-Mad Chinese version of the Tesla Cybertruck

A Tesla Cybertruck, but Chinese

In addition, the truck sports an unconventional front end, full width LED lights and lacks front grille. Also, it has a black plastic bumper that protrudes and is equipped with two tow hooks.

In fact, this model It has four doors, but the rear ones are ‘suicide’ that open to give way to the interesting cabin. That said, inside it incorporates a huge chair at its rear, as well as three smaller seats that can be rotated.

During its presentation at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the brand revealed few details of its powertrain, but mentioned that the production model could have a range of approximately 800 km. However, there could be a version with up to 1,000 km, thanks to a bigger battery.

IAT T-Mad Chinese version of the Tesla Cybertruck

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