This is the condition that Keanu Reeves puts to make ‘Speed ​​3’

In 1994, Jack Traven was one of the first roles of Keanu Reeves as an action hero. In Speedthe screenwriter Graham Yost I had conceived of this Los Angeles agent as a “maverick braggart”but Reeves wasn’t comfortable with that and asked the uncredited screenwriter (one Joss Whedon) to change it. The character became “the polite guy who tries not to kill anyone”.

And the guy, specifically, who was involved with Sandra Bullock in a vertiginous incident when they both deal with a bus that, if it slows down 80 kilometers per hourit would explode. Speed It was a huge box office hit for Jan de Bontbut Reeves did not want to return to face Speed ​​2 (Bullock and De Bont did, taking the adventure to be set on a ship and critically butchered), and since then there have been periodic rumors about the possibility of a third installment.

Keanu Reeves in 'John Wick 4'

Bullock has joked about it, while De Bont says that if the cast is available, he would be delighted. Now he has to speak to Reeves, who these days promotes john wick 4 (premiere this March 24th). Reeves, despite refusing to appear on Speed ​​2do not close the door to Speed ​​3. Just put a condition. “Of course she would come back,” she says. As long as there was “a great story, a great script”.

For some time now, Reeves has not objected to returning to franchises that once made him famous. Beyond john wick (who in theory will take a break after the fourth part), Reeves has recently returned to the saga of The adventures of Bill and Ted and of course to matrixpremiering Matrix Resurrections at the end of 2021.

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